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What It Really Means to Have a Diverse Diet

A recent report highlights the need to take conventional nutrition wisdom with a grain of salt. Here's how to be sure your daily diet provides the nutrients you need and the pleasure you crave.

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Reset Your Body with this Easy 5-Day Eating Plan

Want to start 2018 with a clean slate? Clean your plate―and your liver while you're at it. Follow this simple five-day meal plan to help prepare your body for its healthiest year yet.

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Is Your Relationship with Food Actually Harmful?

Explore if your attitude towards and behaviors with food are physically and emotionally depleting, and learn what you can do to build more a nourishing approach to eating.

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Are Sulfites Bad for Your Health?

These sulfur-based compounds common in wines can cause adverse reactions in certain people, but what’s behind that effect—and how do you know if your body is sensitive to sulfites?

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6 Vegan Cheeses So Good You Won’t Miss the Real Thing

Forget what you've heard about non-dairy cheeses. A new breed of artisanal nut cheeses provides super creamy, tasty options to satisfy plant and meat eaters alike.

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What Does It Mean to Have Food Sensitivities?

Maybe you’ve had recurrent headaches or an unsightly rash that just won’t go away. Here’s how to find out if the foods you’re eating could be the source of your discomfort.

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6 Smart Ways to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

The DARK Act requires the labeling of some GMO ingredients, but not all. Find out more about the new regulations and the best ways to avoid these controversial foods.

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These 5 Foods Are the Next Big Health Superstars

Kale and quinoa have had their days. Nutrition experts weigh in on the next trendy superfoods you can expect to see on your plate in coming months.

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7 Realistic Ways to Approach Mindful Eating

You know slowing down and bringing awareness to each meal can boost cognitive ability, reduce stress, and improve well-being. But who really has time for all that?

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The Important Nutrient Nobody Is Talking About

When it comes to how diet affects heart health, sodium is typically central to the discussion, but another nutrient is just as vital and often overlooked.

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The Most Effective Method to Curb Cravings

New science reveals that certain forms of exercise may trump others as well as dieting when it comes to appetite control. Find out which workout is best for managing your urge to eat.

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Do Probiotic Products Live Up to Their Promises?

A daily dose of good bacteria can boost your health, but not all foods containing probiotics are created equal. Find out which are the best to add to your diet.

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4 Healthy Foods with Surprisingly Wasteful Side Effects

Certain nutritious eats may do wonders for your body but, at the same time, pollute the environment. Find out which healthy foods are disadvantageous to nature.

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Should You Eat More Full-Fat Dairy?

Low-fat foods can leave you hungry and gaining weight. Here's why switching to full-fat dairy may be better for your waistline and health.

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How Natural Remedies Helped Ease My MS Symptoms

Getting diagnosed with multiple sclerosis doesn't mean you will be destined to a wheelchair. Here, one young woman shares how a dramatic diet and lifestyle change left her feeling healthier and more appreciative of her beautiful able body.

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