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What Your Shoulder Blades Can Tell You About Your Health

Dysfunction in the shoulder blades is a sign of imbalances in the spine and hips. And when the hips are out of whack, all systems are stressed.

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A Quick Workout to Fix Tight Muscles

True flexibility actually comes from positioning your body to release tightness in the muscles. This simple, 8-minute workout is designed to do just that.

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The Most Important Element Missing From Your Workout

You have all the right gear, the best gym and even a topnotch personal trainer, but still you're not seeing results. What gives? Here's what might be keeping you from reaching your fitness goals.

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Unlock Your Body’s Fullest Potential with Patch Fitness

Obsessing over perfect form at the gym might not make you fitter or less prone to injury. In fact, letting your body move more naturally could be help you get in the best shape ever while reducing your risk of overall pain.

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A Strength-Building Workout for the Third Trimester

Activate key muscles for a healthy and safe delivery with this 20-minute workout.

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Can You Be Too Flexible? Hypermobility, Explained

Being bendy might earn you a spot in the front row at yoga class, but it isn’t always better. Here's how hypermobility may cause some surprising problems.

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A Restorative Cool-Down for After Walking

Improve the efficiency of your workout and prevent pain and injury with this 20-minute cool-down routine after your next walk.

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A Full-Body Warm-Up for Before Walking

Improve the efficiency of your workout and prevent pain and injury with this 15-minute warm-up routine for before your next walk.

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Active Alignment Sequences for Before and After Yoga Practice

Become more comfortable on and off your yoga mat by including these exercises into your daily yoga routine.

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A Body-Balancing Exercise Routine for Drivers

These simple exercises for drivers will rebalance the body and release key areas of tension so you can ride comfortably every day.

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20-Minute Hotel Room Workout for Busy Travelers

Staying in shape on the road can be challenging. Squeeze in this 20-minute hotel room workout so you can feel fit and healthy wherever your travels take you.

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7 Essential Exercises for Pregnant Women

Doing these daily movements during your first trimester will help increase the likelihood of a healthy, natural childbirth free of complications.

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A Toning Pilates Sequence to Stabilize the Lower Body

Experience this creative spin on a classic workout that'll increase strength, flexibility, and tone in the lower body.

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A Quick Jump Rope Workout

If you only want to own one piece of exercise equipment, a jump rope is it. Do these jump rope exercises anywhere, anytime and get fitter in no time.

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The Strong and Lean Workout

Add this lean body workout to your exercise routine to build strength, power, and your fittest body ever.

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