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mobility workout

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Can You Be Too Flexible? Hypermobility, Explained

Being bendy might earn you a spot in the front row at yoga class, but it isn’t always better. Here's how hypermobility may cause some surprising problems.

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A Full-Body Warm-Up for Before Walking

Improve the efficiency of your workout and prevent pain and injury with this 15-minute warm-up routine for before your next walk.

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A Body-Balancing Exercise Routine for Drivers

These simple exercises for drivers will rebalance the body and release key areas of tension so you can ride comfortably every day.

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A Toning Pilates Sequence to Stabilize the Lower Body

Experience this creative spin on a classic workout that'll increase strength, flexibility, and tone in the lower body.

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A Pilates Sequence to Sculpt Your Abs from All Angles

Try this core-activating Pilates workout at home or after your typical exercise routine to tighten the abs and increase muscle stamina.

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4 Gyrotonic Moves That Take Traditional Exercises Up a Notch

Discover the benefits of this physical exercise and therapeutic system, which helps activate the muscles and sooth discomfort in the joints.

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The Radical Healing Effects of Water

Water gives us life and has been recognized for its therapeutic properties for centuries. Here’s how you can tap the power of the aquatic for optimal well-being.

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The Kidding Around Workout

Rediscover the fun of exercise and get your whole family moving with this quick routine.

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