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The Best New Science for Weight Loss in 2018

Check out the latest research-backed strategies for healthy eating and weight loss that will help you stay fit, calm, and on track for your best year yet.

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Ayurvedic Remedies for PMS That Really Work

A holistic approach to preventing and managing premenstrual symptoms at every stage of your cycle.

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The Best Foods to Buy at the Farmers’ Market This Summer

Stock your produce drawer with these five seasonal staples that are at their freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious peak right now.

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4 Foods That Fight Seasonal Allergies

Adding these delicious ingredients to your meals may help alleviate your sneezing, wheezing, and itchy, watery eyes.

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The Best New Science for Weight Loss

The latest and greatest in weight loss research is in, and scientists agree that these five simple and tasty habits can help you look and feel your best this year.

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Reset Your Body with this Easy 5-Day Eating Plan

Want to start 2018 with a clean slate? Clean your plate―and your liver while you're at it. Follow this simple five-day meal plan to help prepare your body for its healthiest year yet.

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Are Sulfites Bad for Your Health?

These sulfur-based compounds common in wines can cause adverse reactions in certain people, but what’s behind that effect—and how do you know if your body is sensitive to sulfites?

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6 Vegan Cheeses So Good You Won’t Miss the Real Thing

Forget what you've heard about non-dairy cheeses. A new breed of artisanal nut cheeses provides super creamy, tasty options to satisfy plant and meat eaters alike.

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What Does It Mean to Have Food Sensitivities?

Maybe you’ve had recurrent headaches or an unsightly rash that just won’t go away. Here’s how to find out if the foods you’re eating could be the source of your discomfort.

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These 5 Foods Are the Next Big Health Superstars

Kale and quinoa have had their days. Nutrition experts weigh in on the next trendy superfoods you can expect to see on your plate in coming months.

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8 Wild Foods That Are Healthier Than Conventional

Foods foraged from or farmed from the wild pack a variety of benefits including richer nutrient content, improved health benefits, and better flavor.

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10 Effective Natural Remedies for Acne

If you experience chronic breakouts medication, isn’t the only option. These natural solutions will help alleviate symptoms and address causes of the condition.

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The Important Nutrient Nobody Is Talking About

When it comes to how diet affects heart health, sodium is typically central to the discussion, but another nutrient is just as vital and often overlooked.

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Will Farmed Fish Ever Be Good for You or the Planet?

Aquaculture is on the rise and some innovators are making it healthier and more sustainable—but there’s a long way to go.

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The Facts About “Natural” Zero-Calorie Sweeteners

These products claim to be all-natural alternatives to sugar without any calories—but are they as safe and healthy as they appear?

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