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Intense Anxiety Won’t Let Me Sleep

If negative thoughts and overwhelming fears are robbing you of rest, then read on to learn Sonima's psychologist's heartfelt advice on how to reclaim the night with peace of mind.

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A 10-Minute Meditation for Deep Sleep

Ready to go deeper? This next guided session from Sonima’s 12-Week Sleep Better Series will help you make the most of your bedtime hours so that you wake up feeling completely refreshed.

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A Meditation to Help You Prepare for Restful Sleep

Trouble sleeping? Listen to this 10-minute guided meditation—part one of Sonima's 12-Week Sleep Better Series—to get your mind and body ready for a peaceful night's rest.

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3 Ayurvedic Approaches to Curing Sleeplessness

As part of our new Just Sit Series, holistic health expert Lisa Hedley shares Ayurvedic advice on how to catch quality shuteye if you find yourself staring at the ceiling far too often.

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The Aspects of Daily Life That Affect Sleep Quality

If you toss and turn at night, it's time to consider how some of your daytime activities play a role in degrading sleep quality.

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How Does Meditation Help Us Sleep Better?

Even when our eyes our closed, our neurological pathways are active and the body is working hard to reset and refresh.

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Are Your Exercise Habits Sabotaging Your Sleep?

Big fitness goals make you want to work extra hard. However, if you find yourself struggling to get quality sleep at night, you may be overtraining.

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8 Evening Snacks That Foster Better Sleep

Eating late at night isn’t always a bad idea. Follow these guidelines to ensure your before-bed bite doesn’t get in the way of a restful night.

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The Magic of Moderate Exercise

High-intensity training may get all the hype, but taking your workout down a notch (or 10!) may help you de-stress, sleep better, gain energy, and improve health.

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Am I Just Really Tired or Do I Have Adrenal Fatigue?

One woman investigates the cause of her personal energy crisis and stumbles across a hidden health epidemic that is affecting more people than you think.

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The Surprising Ways Eating Clean Promotes Better Sleep

Eating clean is usually referenced in terms of improving physical well-being and maintaining a healthier weight, but a diet rich in whole foods also offers bedtime benefits.

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Why Exercise Is the Secret to Better Sleep

Can’t seem to consistently get a good night’s rest? New research shows that a regular fitness routine may be your best ally in the quest for high-quality shut-eye.

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