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Intense Anxiety Won’t Let Me Sleep

If negative thoughts and overwhelming fears are robbing you of rest, then read on to learn Sonima's psychologist's heartfelt advice on how to reclaim the night with peace of mind.

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A 10-Minute Meditation for Deep Sleep

Ready to go deeper? This next guided session from Sonima’s 12-Week Sleep Better Series will help you make the most of your bedtime hours so that you wake up feeling completely refreshed.

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A Meditation to Help You Prepare for Restful Sleep

Trouble sleeping? Listen to this 10-minute guided meditation—part one of Sonima's 12-Week Sleep Better Series—to get your mind and body ready for a peaceful night's rest.

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3 Ayurvedic Approaches to Curing Sleeplessness

As part of our new Just Sit Series, holistic health expert Lisa Hedley shares Ayurvedic advice on how to catch quality shuteye if you find yourself staring at the ceiling far too often.

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A Realistic Guide to Dealing with Sleep Deprivation

The effects of too little sleep can be hazardous to your health and happiness. Here are some natural solutions to help ease the symptoms and get more quality shut-eye.

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The Startling Dangers of Drowsy Driving

One in three drivers admit to getting behind the wheel while sleep-deprived. The effects can be fatal, but are also avoidable if you follow this key advice.

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4 Ways Quality Sleep Supports Healthy Aging

It’s easy to feel the short-term benefits of good rest, but science shows that making a habit of sound shut-eye pays dividends years down the road.

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The Best Songs to Help You Fall Asleep Faster

Research shows certain music can help you sleep more soundly. Queue up this snooze-worthy playlist to get more shut-eye.

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The Surprising Way Your Sleep Patterns Affect Your Weight

A healthy diet and consistent exercise won't help your body without quality rest. Here's how to improve your bedtime behavior to tip the scale in your favor.

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The Truth About How to Become a Morning Person

Springing out of bed in the morning may be harder for some. Find out how your genes affect your tendencies and learn how you can rise and shine more easily.

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The New Sleep Schedule for a Better Night’s Rest

Getting eight hours of sleep at night is nothing more than a dream for most. Rather than stress about it, heed this realistic and useful advice.

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How Sleep Balances Your Mind and Emotions

Research shows that a healthy sleep schedule not only has positive physical effects, but can also help temper emotional distress.

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Can’t Sleep? 12 Doctor-Approved Solutions

Before you turn to sleep meds or spend another night staring at the ceiling, try these simple strategies for more restful shut-eye.

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The Science Behind Meditation, Yoga, and Your Sleep

Mounting evidence shows that yoga and mindfulness can help improve your ability to rest, relax, and get a good night’s sleep.

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A Natural Guide to Overcoming Sleep Issues

If you are one of the millions of Americans who toss and turn at night, these natural sleep remedies could offer welcome respite from restlessness and exhaustion.

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