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You have it in you to become fit, and we at Sonima want to help. By fit, we don’t mean perfect legs and six-pack abs and routines that require hours of your already hectic days. We mean doing what you can do, each day, to reduce the limits on your bodies and minds. It’s about achieving physical and mental freedom one step at a time.

For years, our founder, Sonia Jones, has been committed to complete health and wellness, physical and mental, and not just for her family and friends. That is why, in 2011, she and Salima Ruffin teamed up to establish the Sonima Foundation, which brings health and wellness to schools across America, helping thousands of children, focusing on the underserved. It currently reaches over 15,000 K-12 children across 34 schools in California, New York, Florida, and Texas.

The foundation was a natural springboard for Sonia into this website, which offers authentic practices in fitness, yoga, and meditation, taught by people we know and trust. It also includes nutritious recipes, video tutorials, and in-depth explorations into a variety of wellness topics.

So welcome to Sonima.com.
We hope it helps you live fit. And live free.

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Our Founder


Sonia Jones

Sonia Jones is a wellness advocate, impact philanthropist, and founder of Sonima.com and the Sonima Foundation. Her passion is achieving meaningful change in global communities by sharing best practices in health and wellness. The Sonima Foundation has contributed to the development and implementation of health and wellness curriculum in underserved communities and charter schools.

Sonia is the mother of four children and a dedicated Ashtanga yoga practitioner. She’s committed to living a healthy lifestyle, no matter how busy she is, and encouraging and helping others to do the same.



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