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Reset Your Body with this Easy 5-Day Eating Plan

Want to start 2018 with a clean slate? Clean your plate―and your liver while you're at it. Follow this simple five-day meal plan to help prepare your body for its healthiest year yet.

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6 Vegan Cheeses So Good You Won’t Miss the Real Thing

Forget what you've heard about non-dairy cheeses. A new breed of artisanal nut cheeses provides super creamy, tasty options to satisfy plant and meat eaters alike.

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These 5 Foods Are the Next Big Health Superstars

Kale and quinoa have had their days. Nutrition experts weigh in on the next trendy superfoods you can expect to see on your plate in coming months.

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4 Clean-Eating Recipes to Reset Your Body

After her health took an unexpected turn, one woman spent a decade finding health through food. Here, she chronicles her journey through four recipes featured in her new book.

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Middle Eastern Herbed Chicken Wraps

Try these tasty chicken wraps made with fresh herbs and a tangy Middle Eastern seasoning.

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How to Make Quesadillas Kids Will Love

This fun, easy, and cheesy recipe makes a perfect snack or small meal and will please people of all ages.

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Spiced Curry Pumpkin Soup with Leeks

As the temperatures outside continues to drop, there’s nothing more comforting than a warming, wholesome bowl of soup.

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5 New Meal Ideas for Your Holiday Leftovers

Last night's fabulous feast doesn't have to end just yet. Here are a few creative ways to make the most out of your leftovers and keep the party going.

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50 Healthy Foods to Add to Your Grocery List

Top food experts help craft the ultimate healthy shopping list that's full of naturally flavorful, nutrient-rich, whole foods.

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Lentil and Rice Bowl with Tomato-Cucumber Salad

Nourish your body with a hearty bowl of lentils and rice topped with a vibrant blend of tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions.

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Quick and Delicious Breakfast Recipes for Kids

Kids will love this delicious egg and cheese sandwich and breakfast parfait, especially because they're simple enough for little ones to help prepare.

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How to Make an Açai Bowl at Home

Savor the sweet tastes and experience the burst of energy from this high-fiber, vitamin-filled acai bowl.

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5 Ways to Stop Wasting So Much Food

You’re probably throwing away 36 pounds of food a month. Here’s how to cut down on waste and save money.

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A Colorful Guide to Healthy Eating

Add a rainbow of nutrition to your diet with these bright and beautiful recipes.

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Raw Corn Chowder with Avocado Salsa

Cool off with this light, sweet, and summery vegetable soup you can make in a blender in minutes.

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