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The Case for Going Barefoot More Often

Just because the shoe fits doesn't mean you must wear it. Same goes for your kids. Spending more time discalced can improve balance, strength, and health. Here's how.

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Why Hips Are Hurting Hamstrings

When it comes to sports injuries, the who-done-it-and-how is not always obvious, especially relating to hamstring strains. Here, alignment expert Pete Egoscue solves the mystery behind the pain.

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The Crazy Thing That Can Happen to Your Feet

Recent studies show that foot fitness—and these 5 exercises—can help prevent bunions and plantar fasciitis, ward off shin splints, and, quite possibly, save your life.

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A Holistic Approach to Strength Training

Building strength is a big picture endeavor. It's not just about flattening your tummy or toning your arms, but also being able eliminate weakness from all angles—and it starts with proper alignment.

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How to Bird Dog Like You Mean It

Learn more about how to properly execute this commonly misunderstood exercise and, in return, improve your posture and ward off back pain.

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The Most Important Element Missing From Your Workout

You have all the right gear, the best gym and even a topnotch personal trainer, but still you're not seeing results. What gives? Here's what might be keeping you from reaching your fitness goals.

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Unlock Your Body’s Fullest Potential with Patch Fitness

Obsessing over perfect form at the gym might not make you fitter or less prone to injury. In fact, letting your body move more naturally could be help you get in the best shape ever while reducing your risk of overall pain.

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Are Sulfites Bad for Your Health?

These sulfur-based compounds common in wines can cause adverse reactions in certain people, but what’s behind that effect—and how do you know if your body is sensitive to sulfites?

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7 Natural Pain Relievers That Really Work

Every person deals with pain at some point in their life, and while it’s easy to reach for a drugstore remedy, the world of complementary alternative medicine has a wealth of options to offer.

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What Does It Mean to Have Food Sensitivities?

Maybe you’ve had recurrent headaches or an unsightly rash that just won’t go away. Here’s how to find out if the foods you’re eating could be the source of your discomfort.

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6 Often-Ignored Body Parts That Benefit from Massage

Typical spa treatments might target your shoulders and neck muscles, but other areas need attention, too.

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A Closer Look at How Acupuncture Works

No one likes needles—until they've tried acupuncture. Here's what you need to know about the
ancient Chinese practice and why it's giving new meaning to these sharp objects.

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The Surprising Muscle Weakness Linked to Back Pain

Science says your back pain could really be the result of your derrière not doing its job. Here’s how to engage your glutes more to make sure they've got your back.

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When Are Antibiotics Actually Necessary?

A recent report found that nearly a third of medical prescriptions are ineffective and potentially harmful. Read on to learn more about when it may be most helpful to pop a pill—or not—to feel better.

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What Causes Vertigo? How Posture Plays a Role

This mysterious condition can be hard to treat when you don’t understand the cause, but the solution could be simpler than you realize.

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