Cancer doesn’t just happen to the body. It also affects the mind and the spirit. While cancer treatments are solely focused on fighting the disease on a cellular level, integrative medicine can additionally help patients rebuild their energy and morale while strengthening their resolve to get better, too, which are all crucial for recovery. At the Mount Sinai’s Dubin Breast Center in New York City, the psychological department offers a myriad of ways to approach this next-level mental and physical care with programs ranging from hypnosis, family therapy, and couples therapy to yoga, meditation, massage and crafts.

“We can improve quality of life. Symptoms and side effects of the cancer treatment don’t have to be as bad. You might be able to speed up your recovery a bit. You don’t have to be as distressed as you go through the different steps,” says Guy Montgomery, the director of psychological services at the Dubin Breast Center. “We want to help people get to a place where they want to be,” he adds. In this video interview with founder, Sonia Jones, Montgomery further explains the important role integrative care can play in a patient’s treatment and recovery.

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