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Tap into Your Seed Sounds to Unlock Your Full Potential

Reconnect to sound vibrations that are unique to you—and your goals and challenges—through an innovative new guided mediation app.


Hearing is often the most neglected sense.

Yes, we like to be heard, but deep down, we all know we could be better listeners. And when we think of self-improvement and healing, whether in modern science or traditional teachings, we think first about how to adjust the body, what to eat, or what medicines to take.

But what if simply listening more closely could unblock the essential areas of life in which we struggle?

In fact, we are all born with unique sound vibrations that can be powerful sources of strength, says Sanjeev Verma, Sonima’s meditation adviser.

“What I have discovered, through my meditative awakenings, is that every single human being is born with 108 sound vibrations,” Verma says. “These vibrations are embedded in you at the time of birth. As soon as you entered the whole world, the whole universe imprints on you not only the light of the planets, not only its electromagnetic fields and its energy, but also its sounds.”

But identifying and reconnecting with these individualized seed sounds can be difficult, especially in a multimedia world full of distractions. “Normally, these sound vibrations are not being recognized by us, because they are deep inside us,” Verma says. “We must try a meditative state to hear these inner sounds.”

The innovative new Ananta mobile application, which launched to the public this week, is specifically designed to help people find their inner sounds and incorporate them into meditations that can help them across all areas of life. The Ananta app is now available on both the Apple and Android platforms.

Ananta is a Sanskrit word that means infinite and limitless, and this new meditation app focuses on using your sounds to more easily enhance your life, fulfill your desires, and become limitless with the practice of mantras that are unique to your goals.

While each of us is born with the 108 sound vibrations, Verma says, there are six to 10 that most influence all aspects of our lives. The unique feature of the Ananta app is that it guides users through an onboarding process that allows them to quickly identify their core six to 10 seed sounds, and then customize them around specific goals.

Once users have downloaded the app, they choose their birth details and then a specific purpose. Ananta then generates the appropriate seed sound and a related meditation mantra that Verma recommends people listen to for 10 to 20 minutes every day over a 28-day cycle for maximum results.

“The human cycle is 28 days, and so as you listen, it raises your vibrational field and then you start to have a higher experience,” Verma says.

Ananta is designed to support beginner, intermediate, and advanced mediation experiences, and it focuses on six overall areas, with more specific purposes within each:

  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Focus and productivity
  • Being more mindful
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Manifesting effects in your life

Users can try one customized mantra for free ongoing, and two more for 30 days. A full subscription unlocks many more unique meditations and ways to customize your goals and is $3.99 a month or $37.99 annually.

Every experience is highly customized to the individual and their seed sound that will unblock their challenges. Take career, for example. “You’ll go on the purpose screen, click ‘career,’ and select from some options,” Verma says. “That then identifies and leads you to your sound, which is the vibrational feel of your career. And that will be fixed. That is for you, and it’s fixed. And if somebody else uses that sound for their career, it’s just not for them, because theirs would be different than yours.”

Ready to listen? Download the sound-breaking new Ananta mediation app from the Apple or Android platforms.



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