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Sharath’s New Book, Ageless, is a Timeless Take on Approaching Life with Vision

Learning from those who live a conscious life is a must read in today’s world. Sharath Jois’ new book Ageless is just that.

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8 Fun Exercise Games to Make You Forget You’re Working Out

True fitness comes from moving your body in diverse, organic ways. Orient your exercise around play to incorporate total-body movement. Game on!

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A Short Workout to Prepare You For a Day at a Desk

Before you sit down to work, it is essential to put your body into alignment. These three simple exercises will prepare your body to move functionally all day.

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14 New Workout Ideas That Will Make You Love Exercise

The more fun you’re having, the more you’ll want to exercise. Take the “work” out of your workout with these playful exercise ideas.

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Why You Should Ditch Traditional Exercises for Good

Forget the same-old approach to exercise you're used to doing at the gym. There's a better way to train for functional fitness and maximum results.

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3 Quick Moves to Jumpstart Your Metabolism

The key to building more lean muscle mass is activating the deep hip flexor group. The more lean muscle, the higher your metabolic rate.

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You’re Invited to the Yoga & Science Conference in NYC This January

For the third year in a row, brilliant minds in yoga and science gather for this think-tank that you won't want to miss.

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An 8-Minute Workout for Total-Body Transformation

This form-focused, low-intensity workout engages the entire body to strengthen muscles and kick the metabolism into high gear.

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The Beautiful Symbiosis Between Ayurveda and Yoga

An in-depth look at the complementary relationship between these ancient systems, traditionally understood as two peas in a pod.

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Try This One-Minute Energy Boost

Need to combat mid-afternoon fatigue? Try this quick and easy workout. Each exercise is designed to align the body to bring more oxygen to the muscles so that you’ll feel awake and energized.

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What Causes Muscle Soreness? And How Much Is Too Much?

More sore doesn’t equal a better workout. In fact, taking a lower-intensity approach to your movement can help you combat that so-sore-you-can’t-move feeling.

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The Deepening of Practice Over Time

Yoga is a lifelong practice. Patañjali guides us in how āsana can form the basis for a profound experience of yoga regardless of age or ability.

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The 3 Dynamic Exercises You Should Do Every Morning

Mornings are the ideal time to create a habit that sticks. Start your day with this simple sequence that aligns the body and boosts endorphins.

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This 8-Minute Workout Eased My Aching Lower Back

A skeptical sports writer tries Elev8d Fitness and redefines his notions of exercise and posture

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The Invaluable Gift of Experiences

Through running across the Serengeti to support local school girls, one woman discovered the beauty in creating unforgettable connections and why these memories will always be more rewarding than material objects.

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