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4 Posture Exercises to Do While Sitting at Your Desk

You need to train your body to sit with proper posture. These four simple exercises take less than five minutes and will dramatically improve your alignment and comfort.

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A New Exercise Method to Naturally Boost Your Energy

Fix fatigue in just eight minutes with form-focused, low intensity exercises. Elev8d Fitness workouts reset alignment to improve oxygen flow, and as a result, create more energy.

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7 Life-Changing Stories of How Yoga Heals

Your practice can play an important role in restoring your wellbeing during life's most difficult moments. Meet seven people who experienced the gift of yoga at a crucial time.

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The Essence of Yoga as Therapy

Recovering from injury or illness can be difficult. Fortunately, yoga practice is naturally therapeutic, and when used wisely, it can create the conditions that support a healing process, taking place from within.

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Always Tired? Put Down the Coffee, and Try this Energizing 8-Minute Workout Instead

Elev8d workouts realign the body so that your systems function in harmony. Create all-day energy in less than ten minutes!

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The #1 Most Overlooked Muscle in Your Workout

Elev8d Fitness workouts are designed to activate the psoas and the hip flexors. When you return power to the hips, the rest of the body shifts into alignment and can operate at max efficiency.

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The Immeasurable Value of a Yoga and Meditation Retreat

You don't need to be a serious yogi or meditator to attend. Stepping away from the day-to-day for a brief period of contemplation is hugely beneficial for everyone. Here's why.

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This 8-Minute Beginner Workout Will Make You Love Exercise

If you’ve never worked out, the fitness world and crowded gyms can seem a bit overwhelming. Start with this low-intensity, beginner workout program.

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My Life As an Ashtanga Student in Mysore: Healing Back Pain with Yoga

It would have been easy to blame bendy asanas for causing the pain in the first place. But instead, this writer leaned into her practice to find a solution that doctors couldn't.

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The Crucial Role Shoulders Play in Running

To run at max efficiency, the body and all its load-bearing joints should be aligned. Runners typically focus on range of motion in the lower body but ignore the crucial role that the shoulders play.

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How Your Feelings Affect Your Workout

Six smart ways to reset a wandering mind, so that you can get more out of your workout without actually working harder.

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3 Best Exercises for Total-Body Fitness

The key to total-body fitness is diversity of movement and range of motion. Try these three, simple exercises to activate core muscle groups and promote total body symmetry and strength.

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This Unique Workout Helps Me Feel Better in Minutes

How Elev8d Fitness gave an active mom of three a total body tune-up.

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Why Elev8d Fitness Is The Perfect Warm-Up For Runners

Running is a repetitive grind on the lower half, which—without the right warm-up—often leads to dysfunction. Elev8d Fitness aligns the body so that your run becomes a total-body endeavor.

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The Yoga of Chanting

The origin of “Oṃ” and the benefits of incorporating this significant chant, and others, into your daily practice.

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