As Ashtanga yoga practitioners, we have a dedicated time in our day where we connect our mind and body together through the use of our breath and the subtle movement of internal energy. This practice gives us so much, including physical health, mental stability, and a deep sense of inner serenity. It is a part of the very fabric of our existence.

For many of us, it’s also a solo practice, often done in our living room with only our pets or children to keep us company. Sometimes we may be fortunate to have a dedicated school and teacher to guide us through the poses. But nothing quite compares to receiving the practice from the source.

No wonder the presence of Guru Sharath Jois teaching in the U.S. draws students out from all corners of the globe. It’s not only a more accessible option for those who cannot make the difficult and often costly trek to Mysore, India. It also brings the global community together in a spirit of oneness and devotion, while his teachings give new light to the practice and philosophy that we aspire to embody.

All of us come to receive the transmission that happens when we practice together in the presence of our teacher. These few days with Paramaguru Sharath Jois are a unique opportunity to share in the energy of the practice with hundreds of others who also share our passion and heart for the practice. This intensity creates the kind of focus that invigorates the old routine with new life and rekindles a spark where the enthusiasm may have dampened. It draws the community of students together, allowing old friends to catch up and new students to feel the excitement of being invited into the global family of Ashtanga yoga practitioners.

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Hearing Sharath Jois call out “Samastihi”, a sound many students have heard hundreds of times before, is an emotional moment filled with elation and anticipation. On the surface, the practice looks the same, but inside this group of students there is a heightened vibration of intensity that holds the power to perform this secret inner alchemy we call yoga.

There’s still an opportunity to take part in this transformational experience. Paramaguru Sharath Jois begins his 2019 U.S. teaching tour with a week in northern California at Stanford University. Then he will be in Miami for another full week of practice before returning to New York to complete his tour with five classes in Brooklyn.

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Photo by Agathe Padovani; Video by Jesse Gordon