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How to Meditate Anywhere (Even While Waiting in Line)

For those short on time, taking advantage of each free moment is the best way to maintain a meditation practice.

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A 15-Minute Guided Meditation for Times of Transition and Change

Follow this road map and guided mediation to help you navigate the inevitable ups and downs of life.

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10 Books that Will Help You Find Peace of Mind This Year

Somatic therapist Christina Giammalva specializes in helping people around the globe reach new levels of inner calm. Check out her top 10 favorite reads and actionable insights for finding truly lasting peace.

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A Mindful Approach to Your New Year’s Resolutions

You can do anything when you literally put your mind to it. Just follow this mindful advice from Sonima's psychologist and meditation teacher.

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Your January Horoscope—Exciting Times Ahead

Big things are coming this year. But first, you must take time to reset, relax, and gain perspective. Now is the time to focus on friends and family.

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18 Wellness Tips that We Loved in 2018

Every year, we collect pearls of wisdom from top experts on the frontlines of meditation, health, fitness, and nutrition. Here are our favorite insights that have most transformed the way we breathed, lived, and moved in 2018.

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3 Ways Meditation Puts You in the Success Mindset

Draw on your own strength by going inward.

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4 Ways to Combat the “Always On Call” Epidemic

The career trend of being available at all times to your employer or clients may take a toll on your health and happiness. Sonima's psychologist offers advice on how to strike a balance and regain quality of life.

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Your December Horoscope—Time for Rest and Reflection

As hectic as the holiday season can be, now is really the time to slow down and begin to reset for the new year. Do nothing in haste; instead, focus on gaining perspective.

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Sonima Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Of Our Favorite Things

Showing your gratitude shouldn't be stressful. That's why we created this shopping list of feel-good items to help make giving this holiday season a little simpler, healthier, and more fun.

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5 Life Lessons Learned at a World-Leading Contemplative Research Conference

When you're surrounded by nearly 800 yogis, meditation experts and contemplative practice scholars, you’re bound to pick up some wisdom.

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Intense Anxiety Won’t Let Me Sleep

If negative thoughts and overwhelming fears are robbing you of rest, then read on to learn Sonima's psychologist's heartfelt advice on how to reclaim the night with peace of mind.

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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Karma (and How to Make it Work for You)

When people hear the word “karma,” most instantly know what it means. Well, they think they know. Here's a primer on the often-misunderstood spiritual concept.

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Your November Horoscope—Forthcoming Good Fortune

This month will bring about the progress and prosperity that you have been hoping for. Take time to think about your long-term goals and trust your intuition.

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4 Ways to Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul

Millennials and Generation Z’ers are being told to brand themselves every single day. It's not bad advice, but it doesn't always feel good. Here's how to self-promote with integrity.

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