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On-Demand: Watch Paramaguru Sharath Jois’s Recent Led Classes

NEW: Watch the recordings of Sonima yoga advisor and Ashtanga yoga master Paramaguru Sharath Jois’s Led Primary Series and Led Intermediate Series from December 2022, with full in-person classes as well as virtual participants from around the world.


If you were not able to join Paramaguru Sharath Jois’s recent Led classes in early December—whether in-person or via the livestream offerings—you now have a chance to view a full recording of each session. That includes the Led Primary Series and Conference with Sharathji from December 10, and then the Led Intermediate Series from December 12. Both sessions were recorded with live in-person classes direct from the Sharath Yoga Centre, in Mysore, India—the home of Ashtanga Yoga.

WATCH NOW: Recording of Led Primary class, plus Conference

WATCH NOW: Recording of Led Intermediate class

Sharathji is undoubtably the foremost teacher of Ashtanga Yoga in the world today. If you’re unable to travel to India to study with him directly, these recorded classes are the next best opportunity to experience his teachings and the powerful benefits of the Ashtanga yoga practice under his guidance. You’ll get a chance to experience the atmosphere of his yoga shala in Mysore with the presence of many of his most dedicated students.

The Led Primary Class is followed by a conference in which this master of Ashtanga yoga answers questions from students from around the world. And the Led Intermediate recording offers a rare glimpse at one of Ashtanga yoga’s most challenging sessions.

WATCH NOW: Recording of Led Primary class, plus Conference
WATCH NOW: Recording of Led Intermediate class

If you plan to practice along with the recordings:

  • For Led Primary, students should ideally be familiar with the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series.
  • For Led Intermediate, students should have been regularly practicing the Ashtanga Yoga Led Intermediate Series and be competent at least up until Dwipada Shirshasana.

“Everyone should practice yoga for their own well-being,” Sharathji says. “Once that happens, the whole planet becomes a spiritual place. The whole planet will become totally different. Everyone will realize their own responsibility in their life toward this planet, toward humanity. Yoga will give you that kind of knowledge.”



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