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The Many Benefits of Integrative Care for Treating Cancer

Anyone can list the different forms of cancer treatment: radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. But what about the integrative cancer therapies that go beyond just healing the body? Watch this clip to learn more.

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How Does Meditation Help Us Sleep Better?

Even when our eyes our closed, our neurological pathways are active and the body is working hard to reset and refresh.

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A Warm-Up and Cool-Down Drill for Tennis Players

Try these stretches before and after your tennis match to prevent muscle pains or injuries from limiting your performance on the court.

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Coach Tony Bennett on the Importance of Gratitude

The head coach of men's basketball at the University of Virginia explains why thankfulness is essential for success in athletics and in life.

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Quick and Delicious Breakfast Recipes for Kids

Kids will love this delicious egg and cheese sandwich and breakfast parfait, especially because they're simple enough for little ones to help prepare.

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A Couples Workout for Strength and Conditioning

The next time you and your partner are hanging around the house try this couples workout to get a quick burst of strength and cardio conditioning.

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The Joy of Nutrition

Cooking and nutrition doesn't have to be about restriction and rules, but can instead be a holistic, kid-friendly experience of exploration and love.

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The Healing Powers of Yoga

Yoga is more than a physical practice; it's a mind-body exercise that can change your life in unexpected ways.

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