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What Causes Muscle Soreness? And How Much Is Too Much?

More sore doesn’t equal a better workout. In fact, taking a lower-intensity approach to your movement can help you combat that so-sore-you-can’t-move feeling.

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The 3 Dynamic Exercises You Should Do Every Morning

Mornings are the ideal time to create a habit that sticks. Start your day with this simple sequence that aligns the body and boosts endorphins.

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This Busy Executive’s 8-Minute Workout Delivers Serious Results

Work, travel, and life can leave us with little time for our own fitness. Here’s how a busy executive found a shortcut to better health.

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What Your Shoulder Blades Can Tell You About Your Health

Dysfunction in the shoulder blades is a sign of imbalances in the spine and hips. And when the hips are out of whack, all systems are stressed.

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3 Targeted Moves for a Faster Run

The key to unlocking speed is in the functionality of your load-bearing joints. These three simple movements will align and fire the hip flexors and free up the shoulders for maximum arm swing.

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A Quick Workout to Fix Tight Muscles

True flexibility actually comes from positioning your body to release tightness in the muscles. This simple, 8-minute workout is designed to do just that.

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Try This Awesome One Song Workout

Workout music is such a great motivator. Here's one tune that will help you tune up your body in just a few minutes.

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The 8 x 8 Challenge Workout

A lot can happen in just eight minutes, including improving your fitness and energy levels—no gym or espresso required.

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The 60-Second Cardio Workout

These 60-second workouts are the perfect way to stay fit and alert when you don't have time to get to the gym.

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A Pregnancy Workout for the Second Trimester

Active moms are not only healthier, happier, and better rested during pregnancy, but also more likely to give birth naturally. Use this second trimester workout to stay fit for labor.

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Active Alignment Sequences for Before and After Yoga Practice

Become more comfortable on and off your yoga mat by including these exercises into your daily yoga routine.

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An Active Alignment Sequence for Misaligned Shoulders

If it hurts to raise your arms or lift things, like grocery bags, your shoulders may be misaligned. This strengthening workout can help restore your balance and full range of motion.

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20-Minute Hotel Room Workout for Busy Travelers

Staying in shape on the road can be challenging. Squeeze in this 20-minute hotel room workout so you can feel fit and healthy wherever your travels take you.

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An Active Alignment Sequence for a Misaligned Hip

If your pelvic girdle is even slightly off balance, it can mess up your whole skeletal structure, resulting in knee pain and other aches.

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The 3×3 Full-Body Workout

Looking for a fast and easy way to add a workout to your daily schedule? Follow this simple fitness plan that’s made of three principle exercise moves.

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