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Visualization: 5 Steps to Create the Results You Want

Picture this: Learn how to perform this powerful technique to help set yourself up for success at the gym, at the office, and in your life. You'll be unstoppable.

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The Eight Limbs of Yoga Explained

There’s more to yoga than beautiful postures and deep breathing. Learn about the eight limbs of yoga that eloquently define the guidelines of this life-enriching practice.

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The Most Important Element Missing From Your Workout

You have all the right gear, the best gym and even a topnotch personal trainer, but still you're not seeing results. What gives? Here's what might be keeping you from reaching your fitness goals.

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Unlock Your Body’s Fullest Potential with Patch Fitness

Obsessing over perfect form at the gym might not make you fitter or less prone to injury. In fact, letting your body move more naturally could be help you get in the best shape ever while reducing your risk of overall pain.

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Why Does the Breath Heal?

Conscious breathing signals the body to be calm when your muscles are anything but. Here’s how to unlock a deeper level of relaxation and get more from your practice.

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Sign Up Now for Sharath Jois’ U.S. Yoga Workshops

Registration for the six-day Ashtanga yoga workshop is now open in each location: Stanford University, UCLA, and New York City. Claim your spot in class today!

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5 Unique Wellness Retreats You’ll Want to Book Tomorrow

Jumpstart your commitment to yoga, meditation, or overall well-being in the new year with one of these fantastic travel experiences around the world.

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6 Often-Ignored Body Parts That Benefit from Massage

Typical spa treatments might target your shoulders and neck muscles, but other areas need attention, too.

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The Wellness Practice That Changed My Life

What started as a dare from a friend turned into a daily practice that keeps one woman happy, healthy, and balanced.

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A Closer Look at How Acupuncture Works

No one likes needles—until they've tried acupuncture. Here's what you need to know about the
ancient Chinese practice and why it's giving new meaning to these sharp objects.

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The Surprising Muscle Weakness Linked to Back Pain

Science says your back pain could really be the result of your derrière not doing its job. Here’s how to engage your glutes more to make sure they've got your back.

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5 Body Imbalances You Might Unknowingly Experience

Technology has improved our lives in many ways, but not without some consequences, including these five common bodily aches. Here's how to address the pain without pulling the plug.

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When Are Antibiotics Actually Necessary?

A recent report found that nearly a third of medical prescriptions are ineffective and potentially harmful. Read on to learn more about when it may be most helpful to pop a pill—or not—to feel better.

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Sharath Jois on the Importance of Breathing in Yoga

Though breathing is a fact of life, controlling the breath is an instrumental and transformative element of the yoga practice, which has benefits off the mat.

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5 Natural Remedies for Period Pain and Symptoms

The side effects that come with menstruation—bloating, digestion issues, lower back pain, and more—can be relieved with these time-tested natural methods.

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