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5 Scientists Proving the Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness

Meet the leading researchers who are currently showing the medical community exactly how yoga and mindfulness heal.

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8 Years in a Yoga Rut Deepened My Practice

After annual visits to Mysore for nearly a decade, one Ashtangi learned the hard way that real, rewarding progress comes only when the body and mind are ready to advance—and not one second beforehand.

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Sharath Jois on Taking Time Off

Because it's all about balance, even when it comes to yoga.

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The Amazing Way Acupuncture is Boosting Fertility

This ancient eastern practice is improving women's odds of conceiving.

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The Art of Non-Attachment in Yoga

Discover the final stage of the five yamas, aparigrahā, which teaches a valuable lesson in better understanding the Self and one's role in society in this lifetime.

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Try This Awesome One Song Workout

Workout music is such a great motivator. Here's one tune that will help you tune up your body in just a few minutes.

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Sharath Jois on the Essence of the Opening Prayer

As you set your intentions this year, and every morning, consider saying this opening prayer to help foster a more harmonious environment within your own community and throughout the world.

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The Only Way to Achieve Your Fitness Goals in the New Year

Consider this new approach to setting realistic resolutions—in fitness and life—and actually attaining them.

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The Vagus Nerve and Why It Matters

Vagus what? Yeah, we hadn't heard of it either until wellness experts and scientists began discussing its incredible significance, especially pertaining to inner peace.

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Fight Back Against Fibromyalgia with Better Posture

While there's no known cure for this chronic condition, there are some simple ways to alleviate pain, starting with improved body alignment.

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Connecting to the Seed of Spiritual Knowledge through Yoga

The mind and senses are the medium for all interactions with the world. As described in many ancient texts, yoga is the process of bringing these aspects of oneself under control to experience higher truth.

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How to Sit Smarter

Spend all day at your desk? Here's a simple solution to stay upright rather than painfully slumped over your technology while at work.

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The 8 x 8 Challenge

A lot can happen in just eight minutes, including improving your fitness and energy levels—no gym or espresso required. See for yourself.

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Sharath Jois on What Makes a Good Leader

To effectively protect and serve the people, the person in charge needs to exhibit the following qualities that are, generally, inherent in good people. Bottom line: The world needs more good people.

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The Simple Solution to End Chronic Pain

Opioids are not the answer. In fact, you might not need any medication at all. Find out how to ease chronic pain symptoms, no prescription needed.

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