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Joy Houston

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Joy Houston is a graduate of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and a certified Raw Food Nutrition Educator who helps people incorporate more fresh foods into their everyday diet.

Chef Joy Houston is a teaching Chef For Whole Foods, CorePower Yoga and Sunwarrior. She has contributed recipes to The Huffington Post, Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Life and She has been featured on TV and in magazines for various aspects of healthy eating, raw food, superfoods and juicing. She was featured on CBS promoting foods that support healthy skin for life. UT-TV relies on Joy’s specialized knowledge for segments like this one on juicing for weight loss. Fresh Magazine features Joy’s recipes frequently.

Joy Houston was inspired to become a graduate of the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and become certified as a Raw Food Nutrition Educator after radically transforming her life using the power of plant-based nutrition, specifically raw foods and juicing. After being told she would not have a child with her husband Travis, she dove into natural heath and wellness. She was astonished that on the road to her own fertility, she ceased to suffer from the cystic acne and frequent cold soars that had plagued her for her whole life. Not only did she buck the infertility label and give birth to her gorgeous son Maverick, she also gained the confidence that comes with feeling empowered to improve your own health. Joy wondered how many women suffered as she did over their skin, over fertility, over feeling like something just isn’t right with their health. That is why Joy has created video courses like Rocking Body Raw Food, Rocking Body Revolution and the Five Day Juice Feast, to give people access to learn the methods and recipes that supported her through such a powerful transformation.

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