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Laurent was raised on a farm in France, in the Beaujolais wine region of Burgundy, near Lyon, where his parents were wine producers, had gardens and raised their own animals. Growing up surrounded by fresh products and the rhythm of the seasons, it was his mother that gave him the inspiration to cook.

After graduation from French culinary school, Laurent trained with several renowned Michelin starred chefs. In Lyon, Laurent began his career as the Sous-Chef for 2 years in a local restaurant and then intensified his professional experience for 6 years at Alain Chapel (2 Michelin Stars) as the Sous-Chef to Philippe Jousse, who instilled in him the philosophy, passion and demands of French haute gastronomy. Laurent later used this experience to open a restaurant in Provence under Chef Michel del Burgo (3 starred Michelin Chef), where he was immersed in the culture and cuisine of the Mediterranean.

It was this very skilled background that provided Laurent the knowledge to become the Chef of L’Esperance- Marc Meneau (3 Michelin Stars) in Burgundy, where he worked at the highest level of the French gastronomic experience.

Several years later, looking for a new challenge, he went to Tanzania, Africa where he was the Executive Chef for the Singita Grumeti Reserves and consultant for Singita. Laurent is currently a private chef in the United States.

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