Deepak Chopra

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A Body Scan Meditation for Relaxation by Deepak Chopra

Melt away stress in less than five minutes with this simple, full-body, mindfulness meditation.

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A Meditation for Energy

Set the refresh button and feel more energized and productive with this breath-based guided meditation from Deepak Chopra.

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Deepak Chopra’s Advice for Getting Started with Meditation

Beginning a meditation practice is simpler than you'd ever imagined, thanks to this essential advice from one of the world's top experts.

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An End-of-Day Meditation with Deepak Chopra

This simple practice will help you reflect on your day in order to feel more relaxed and prepare for a restful night.

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A Morning Meditation with Deepak Chopra

In this simple meditation, Deepak Chopra guides you to focus on four intentions to bring about a positive day ahead.

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A Guided Meditation You Can Practice Anywhere

If you can't set aside dedicated time to meditate, this practice led by Deepak Chopra will help guide you to higher awareness wherever you are.

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A Meditation for Beginners with Deepak Chopra

This simple practice will introduce you to fundamental meditation techniques such as observing the breathing and self-regulation.

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The Best Time of Day to Meditate

Not sure when to practice meditation? Deepak Chopra reveals the best time to meditate and how you can incorporate mindfulness into your day.

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A Meditation for Managing School Stress

Try this meditation by Deepak Chopra to help quiet stress and anxiety and allow you to pursue your full academic potential.

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A Meditation on Relationships by Deepak Chopra

Open your heart and recognize the ways in which our relationships with others mold our own identity and experience in life.

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Deepak Chopra on His New Book “Super Genes”

Explore the integration and inner workings of human super genes and how they influence daily experience.

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A Meditation for Kids to Love Themselves

Deepak Chopra leads a short meditation to help children learn how to cultivate self-compassion and happiness.

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A Meditation to Inspire Kids to Change the World

This thoughtful meditation from Deepak Chopra invites children to open their minds and hearts to their internal power and tap into their truth.

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A One-Minute Meditation with Deepak Chopra

The meditation master shares the simple secret to finding inner stillness on your busiest days.

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A Meditation on How to Forgive

Cultivate attitudes of affection, attention, and appreciation through this guided meditation by Deepak Chopra.

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