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Your January Horoscope—New Beginnings Are Coming!

The new year brings unexpected opportunities to learn new skills, helping you to make the most of your talents, hidden and known.

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Benevolent Jupiter transits through Libra with action-oriented planet, Mars, allowing you to be in a better position to make good decisions moving forward. Karmic planet, Saturn, continues its journey through Sagittarius, which enables you to discover new skills and hidden talents. The conjunction of four planets at the start of the year, in Sagittarius, will see you working hard to achieve your desired goals. New opportunities that come your way will certainly pep you up, making you more confident about the future.

The planetary movement seems favorable and you look forward to a period of growth and prosperity. You are leaving behind a period of worry and anxiety. You will be entering a more relaxed time, in which your peace of mind will be restored. You may also have the opportunity to travel to a distant place during this period. You will interact more with new people, some of whom may be from high places. You will also be open to learning new skills and techniques. This is the period to review past decisions and make new changes if required. It is better to avoid hasty decisions. As the planets enhance the charm of doing something new, it will keep you excited and on the move.


Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)

The 10th sign of the Zodiac is like a goat: Surefooted and able to negotiate everything with great care and responsibility. Capricorns have strong determination and willpower. They examine every decision and opportunity careful to minimize risks. A Capricorn person is methodical, cautious, and realistic in their approach and strong-minded to reach the top in everything they do. For a Capricorn, planning and endurance are qualities that guide them toward success.

Sometimes Capricorns can develop a hopeless, negative attitude, and as a result, they may feel totally helpless. However, this is generally short-lived as they have inherent qualities to motivate themselves and get back to work. Capricorn people are good learners and can go deep into area of knowledge they like best. They have vision, grit, and power to make it to the top in their respective fields. A Capricorn person will always be ambitious, aiming to climb as high in seniority as possible.

A Capricorn male tends to switch back-and-forth between a fast- and slow-paced of life. He works hard all week and then withdraws to a country retreat for a break to thoroughly enjoy the weekend. A Capricorn male wants a secure future, so puts in enormous efforts to build a future of his dreams. Without doubt, a Capricorn male is one of the most determined and organized people of the Zodiac. When at his best, he can handle many tasks simultaneously as he possesses many talents and is capable of building the ladder that he, eventually, uses to climb to success. Family and friends do mean a lot to him and the Capricorn male gives enormous value in maintaining relationships. He aims to make a great impact, difference, and change to the world around him.

A Capricorn woman is a quick-thinking, dynamic, multi-talented, compassionate, and caring person. She is a good mother, sister, friend, and wife. She possesses great sincerity toward her work and can have an extraordinary wit. She is calm, relaxed, and can smile while handling the most complicated situations. As she knows the hardships that she may face on the path to success, she leaves no stone unturned to reach her goals. She is fond of undertaking charity work and takes great interest in the welfare of other people. She can have more than one career at a time. She can do exceedingly well as a sportswoman, writer, musician, and artist.

This January, with New Moon in your sign, challenging situations will rise at the workplace, giving you a new opportunity to grow. During this period, only your presence of mind and self-confidence will enable you to prove your true mettle. In this instance, using your communication skills, pleasing personality and ability to handle any pressurized situation will be highly beneficial. These testing times will bring the best out of you.

The workplace also offers you chances for a new romance. It would be in your best interest if you keep this relationship a secret, at least for the time being. You can enjoy the affair by sending a couple of emails and text messages. But don’t allow it to leak and become a matter of gossip amongst your coworkers. You should also make sure that it doesn’t hamper your work. To celebrate the affair you can take your beloved on a short pleasure trip. Expecting mothers may suffer from some stress this month. Don’t get unnerved and keep your cool.

Lucky Days – Saturdays

Lucky Dates – 5, 16, 27

Lucky Gemstone – Opal

Capricorn Celebrities: Elvis Presley, Shawn Johnson, Mel Gibson, Nicholas Cage, Rudyard Kipling, Cary Grant, Muhammad Ali, Michelle Obama, Isaac Newton, Martin Luther King, Jr. , Rowan Atkinson, Diane Keaton, John Denver

Lucky Colors: Blue
Lucky Stones: Blue Sapphire, Black Onyx
Best Professions/Fields: Counselors, entrepreneur, entertainers, artists
Body Parts: Knees
Good Points: Disciplined, consistent, strong organizational skills, patience
Bad Points: Over-confident, careless, boastful, aggressive, short-tempered
Soul Mates: Taurus, Virgo


Aries (March 21 to April 19)

Professional success is definitely yours if you value your time and take advantage of the given opportunities. It would be better if you seek assistance from people around you to complete important projects on time. Proper planning and implementation will be highly important and will contribute to your success. Not all is well in romance this month as you may lose the company of your lover or beloved because of your stubborn and moody behavior. It is time for you to realize that love is a warm relationship between two individuals and both should strive to strengthen it. Imposing opinion or dictating terms will only spoil it. It would be better if you keep a fair and honest attitude in the relationship because that would not only give you freedom to grow as an individual, but also successfully blend your love life.

Lucky Days – Tuesdays
Lucky Dates – 3, 17, 25
Lucky Gemstone – Red Coral

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

Serious efforts will be needed this month if you want to attain a good physique. To achieve this, you will have to be highly disciplined in your eating habits and make exercise part of your daily routine. By mid-January, you might have to rely on the help of a smart, motivated person on the professional front. Fitting in with the team will be highly beneficial. This will not only ease your work pressure, but also enable you to get desired results. This seems to be a bright month for romance. Someone may unexpectedly make you feel a lot happier and more alive. You are going to experience a different kind of feeling when you meet this special person. Your feelings will be reciprocated and you will feel as if you have known each other for a long time. You should share your love and feelings to strengthen your relationship and bring it to new heights.

Lucky Days – Thursdays
Lucky Dates – 6, 17, 24
Lucky Gemstone – Topaz

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

With the full moon in your sign, professional gains are indicated after proper guidance and help from colleagues. It would, therefore, be in your best interest to keep the team spirit high to achieve your top goals. At the same time, use your strong determination and decision-making skills to face unusual and challenging situations with ease. Toward mid-January, some people in business may seen unexpected gains. On the romantic front, things may be somewhat dull as your efforts fail to bring desired results. Don’t let it discourage you. Instead, continue to try hard to bring new life to your affair. For the time being, you can take pride in the fact that your efforts have sparked some positive hope in you. It would be good for the future of your relationship if you don’t ignore the feelings of your partner. Keep in mind that respecting their emotions would give him/her the confidence that you find so attractive in them.

Lucky Days – Wednesdays
Lucky Dates – 5, 11, 26
Lucky Gemstone – Green Sapphire


Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

Get ready for some unforeseen changes at work that will not only infuse you with new and innovative ideas, but also recharge your energy. There are further indications that by mid-January, you might get some opportunities to exhibit your talent and skills. Monetary gains can be expected from more than one source. Romance somehow will suffer, primarily due to some misunderstandings. Take control and responsibility for what you say. Don’t harm the interests of your beloved with critical comments. Respecting your partner’s sentiments may prevent you from ruining the relationship, and keeping their best interest in mind may help resolve minor issues amicably. If you have any differences, then try to solve it harmoniously, giving further strength to the relationship.

Lucky Days – Sundays
Lucky Dates – 2, 12, 24
Lucky Gemstone – Pearl

Leo (July 23 to August 22)

Maintaining a positive outlook on life will give your health a much-needed boost. There will be a need for a passionate and forceful approach on your part to remove all the obstacles coming your way. In the long run, this will enable you to enjoy a bloom in health and change your life for the better. By mid-January, things look bright professionally, and there is indication that this is likely to bring recognition for you at your workplace. When this happens, don’t act surprised if you are entrusted with some additional responsibilities. The work pressure is likely to increase and this may enable you to show off your talent and boost your career prospects. This seems to be an excellent period on the relationship front, too. Your lover’s company will enable you to bring happiness to the heart.

Lucky Days – Thursdays
Lucky Dates – 1, 10, 27
Lucky Gemstone – Ruby


Virgo (August 24 to September 22)

This month promises great achievements as far as the health front is concerned. You will get an opportunity to devote yourself to help the needy, which will bring unlimited happiness and mental peace to you. Participating in outdoor activities will increase your physical fitness, keeping diseases at bay. You must stick to a nutritious diet and positive thinking to achieve a sound health. You will see success in your work if you make your team’s goal, your goal. Keep in mind that when your team works together toward a single purpose, it makes the task more worthwhile. However, it will need self-confidence on your part, which will not only enable you to accomplish the task, but also bring personal success as a cohesive unit. Love will flourish this time of year for you, and you will feel like a prisoner in the heart of your beloved as his/her innocence captivates you.

Lucky Days – Wednesdays
Lucky Dates – 2, 11, 23
Lucky Gemstone – Emerald


Libra (September 23 to October 22)

A hectic work schedule will take a toll on your health. You should immediately adopt some relaxation techniques, like meditation, yoga and deep breathing exercises. Professionals engaged in the field of architecture are likely to get an offer from abroad. However, it would be in your best interest to consider all pros and cons before seizing the golden opportunity, which may open doors for you and boost your confidence. This month, your love life will undergo some severe tests. Passing these “tests” will be important for the survival of your relationship. You should, therefore, prepare yourself to face it with courage. In fact, this will make you realize that love is not a simple journey. It sometimes brings pain and agony, and requires compromise to keep it alive. With stars at your side, there is little to worry about.

Lucky Days – Saturdays
Lucky Dates – 5, 16, 23, 31
Lucky Gemstone – Blue Sapphire

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Professional success this month depends on how well you can negotiate. This will enable you to reach a settlement through compromise and bargaining, thus, paving the way for achieving your targets. However, you can’t do it alone. Your subordinates’ preliminary negotiations will lay the foundation. It would be better to listen more than talk because it would enable you to learn about their objectives. It would augur well for your negotiation if you don’t renege and stand by your word. Keep in mind that trust is everything. Also, this month a control over your passions and behavior will be important on the love front. There are chances that your physical advances would not only unnerve your beloved, but also could put your relationship in jeopardy. At the same time, avoid raising controversial issues because it may only mar your happiness. You should, therefore, strive to do something to cement your romantic love.

Lucky Days – Tuesdays
Lucky Dates – 9, 18, 31
Lucky Gemstone – Red Coral

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

Professionally speaking, things will be challenging. Picking the perfect team will be important for proper execution of your projects. You should, therefore, assess the abilities of each team member and play up their strengths. Empowering the right person to do the best job will benefit you in your efforts. You are likely to face some disappointment in your love as your infatuation fails to catch the attention of your beloved. It is time for you to realize that love, being the matter of heart, is a given expression between the lover and beloved with loving exchanges. Infatuation alone can never buy real love. It would be in your interest if you listen to your heart rather than run after sensual attraction that is nothing but a momentary attraction.

Lucky Days – Mondays
Lucky Dates – 3, 12, 28
Lucky Gemstone – Ruby

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

This month, your efforts on the career front are going to bring you rewards. Although your long-awaited dreams may seem on the brink of coming true, you will still have to devote yourself fully to make it a reality. At the same time, keep in mind that success is not a bed of roses. You will have to toil hard to achieve it. Your stars are definitely favorable and they would infuse the necessary strength in you. This seems to be a brilliant month for romance as you realize that you have fallen in love. Life will look different and everything will appear fresh and new. It would appear to you that you and your beloved seem to be made for each other. It is lovely for both of you to be so much in love and the chances are that the relationship will prosper. The onus of blossoming the love life, therefore, lies on you. Keep in mind that only your efforts and care for each other will enable you to infuse a life in it.

Lucky Days – Saturdays
Lucky Dates –6, 12, 23
Lucky Gemstone – Opal

Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

Your health will remain fine despite a busy schedule. But that doesn’t mean you should take it for granted. Relax your tired muscles with a self-massage using oil. Also, do some mental exercises, such as reading something interesting or solving crosswords or a tricky problem. All this will recharge your body and mind to enable you to devote yourself fully again. If you want to blossom professionally, you will have to adopt new strategies this month. Seek help of colleagues by involving them in decision-making. Your importance to them would not only give them a feeling that you care for them, but also will bring some valuable suggestions to you. Your love stars shine brightly, but there is a message for teenagers this month. They need to realize that a love relationship isn’t just an infatuation based on haphazard attraction, but rather an entity on which two people with compatible personalities work together. If it is inherently unequal, then the relationship is surely to be doomed. So before embarking on your love journey keep this in mind.

Lucky Days – Thursdays
Lucky Dates – 4, 13, 27, 31
Lucky Gemstone – Topaz


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