Sanjeev Verma

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3 Ways Meditation Puts You in the Success Mindset

Draw on your own strength by going inward.

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Your December Horoscope—Time for Rest and Reflection

As hectic as the holiday season can be, now is really the time to slow down and begin to reset for the new year. Do nothing in haste; instead, focus on gaining perspective.

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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Karma (and How to Make it Work for You)

When people hear the word “karma,” most instantly know what it means. Well, they think they know. Here's a primer on the often-misunderstood spiritual concept.

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Your November Horoscope—Forthcoming Good Fortune

This month will bring about the progress and prosperity that you have been hoping for. Take time to think about your long-term goals and trust your intuition.

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4 Ways Meditation Helps You Handle Health Issues

A little quiet time can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to your health.

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Your October Horoscope—Gratitude is Key

Change is afoot. Now is the time to reexamine and reset. Take notice of the good in your life and you will see an exciting shift in energy.

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How Meditation Can Help You Work Smarter

Better focus, concentration, and attention span are just the beginning. Here’s how meditation can improve your productivity from the inside out.

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Your September Horoscope—Opportunity on the Horizon

The right set of circumstances are coming your way. Paying attention to favorable situations—and making the most of them—will help strengthen your self-confidence.

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Why You Need to Disconnect (Not Just from Tech)

Gadgets aren't the only things sucking our time and energy. People are draining, too. Here's how to better protect and recharge yourself.

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Your August Horoscope—Patience Before Change

This month will be all about moving forward, seizing opportunities, and letting go of the past—if you can withstand the waiting game.

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Stay Present in Distracting Situations

Use mindfulness techniques in everyday life so you can handle any situation—good or bad—with much less stress and more focus.

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Your July Horoscope—Time to Start Something New

Make July the month that you finally take action and focus your attention on going after what you want.

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How Love and Meditation Are Intertwined

Connecting with your inner self can help strengthen your external relationships.

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Your June Horoscope—Ask And You Shall Receive

All that you have been working toward for a while will finally begin to come together this month. Accept what the universe has to offer you. You’ve earned it.

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How to Balance Your Consciousness

Bring out your purest self through meditation.

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