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How Meditation Makes You More Creative

We are all creators in some way. Here is how a mindfulness practice can help increase your creative energy and expand your thinking.

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Research has shown time and again that meditation enhances creativity. It makes sense then that people who want to boost their creative energy—especially those with professions or hobbies that involve expression, like painters, writers, and musicians—might take up meditation or mindfulness practices.

But whether or not you consider yourself a “creative” type, you can still reap the benefits of tapping into your innate creative energy because, along with love, happiness, and several other essential elements of life, creativity is one of the fundamental rights of human beings.

We are all creators in some way. We just express it differently. We want to make our mark, leave our footprint on the world, or make an impression on the planet. Even if we aren’t creating art or even coming up with ideas, we’re constantly creating our world, our destiny, and our karma. Believe it or not, even having children is a form of creativity.

If you pay attention, you’ll see that everyone is creating something, all the time. And for each person, the meaning of creativity (and the result of their creative energy) is unique.

Using meditation to connect with this energy doesn’t mean that you’ll suddenly become an artist if you weren’t one before. However, if you are a singer, tapping into your creative energy will make you a better one. And if you’re a manager creating a business strategy? Connecting with your most basic nature will help you be creative with your plan.

How to Meditate for Creativity

Sometimes we don’t exercise our creativity enough, block it, or put it on the back burner in favor of other skills and emotions. This might result in feeling stuck, uninspired, or unmotivated. When this happens, meditation can bring you back in tune with your creative aspect by compelling you to go inward. It allows creativity to flow more clearly and in a more expressive way, which means it’s easier to apply to your everyday life and tasks.

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Any general meditation or mindfulness practice will help you connect to your creativity because when you’re in a meditative mode, you’re connecting with your energy center. Your energy flows where your awareness is, so it becomes much easier to have whatever you’re focusing on manifest outwardly in your life. In this case, it’s creativity.

If you want to go a little deeper, I’d recommend a more specific type of meditation. Human beings have seven chakras, and the second one from the bottom (in the sacral region) is called Svadhisthana. This second chakra is specially connected to your creative energy, and when we meditate on it, our creativity amplifies.

For the most profound benefit, focus on and breathe into the second chakra during meditation to enhance and open it. As a result, you’ll be better at creating your own world with more clarity.



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