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A Meditation on the Creative Process

Take a moment of contemplation with Vitamin I, a dose of inspiration served to you through meditative photography and thoughtful texts.

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Most of us assume that creativity is painting, dancing, writing. In truth creativity has little to do with the activity we are doing, but with what we bring to the activity. Creativity lies in our unique personalities, our individual perspectives, and our passions.

Creativity asks us for a deep level of openness and vulnerability. We become exposed; creativity requires us to toss away our over-planning. We explore all possibilities for our desired expression. It is a wild inner journey with unexpected turns and uncharted lands. The creative adventure is mysterious and sometimes totally unfamiliar.

So how do we find our creative flow? And then, how do we manifest our ideas?

We have our vision.

Whatever happens, don’t quit. Creativity calls on our patience. Through this perseverance something extraordinary and valuable is discovered and formed.

At some point, we realize that what we are offering is ourselves and what we have to give is necessary. We have memories and experiences that influence us. We begin to understand that the information we share is important and incredibly individual. It is from our hearts.

Your creativity is what feeds your soul. Spend time encountering yourself in moments of meditation. Soften the control and confines of anything in particular. Notice colors, shapes, textures, and scents all around you. What intrigues your senses? Think of what inspires you and makes you feel alive. Write it down. Relieve yourself from trying so hard and allow spontaneity and the magic of not over planning to shine through in your ideas and creations. Let an open channel of inspiration move through you and revel in your native flow.

Creativity is the beginning. It’s a widening of a deeper knowing. Its like a giant fresh inhale. It encompasses everything about you. It is the most honest truth and the ultimate form of self-expression.



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