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Your March Horoscope—A Time for Spiritual Growth

You're up to the challenge this month and will be rewarded for your efforts. But remember that in order to achieve, you must listen to both your mind and your heart.

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This month, Rahu enters Gemini on the seventh, and Ketu enters Sagittarius and is conjoined with Saturn. This will be a favorable month for embarking on challenging tasks, as this conjunction promises immediate results for your efforts. This is also a good period of self-analysis and inner growth, as the Saturn and Ketu conjunction indicates that you should look inward for spiritual development.

At the same time, you will need to be more tactful when you deal with others, especially your family members and co-workers, because Jupiter will continue its transit through Scorpio. This is not the period to be extroverted and aggressive. Instead, learn to be gentle with yourself and those around you. Be cautious when making major changes and think carefully before making any important decisions.

With the planets in a much more favorable position than before, this is a great period for spiritual and psychological integration. This month, try to remember that to achieve anything, your head and your heart should be working together and not opposing each other.

This month, the Sun enters Pisces. Its lord is Jupiter, also known as Guru or the teacher.

Monthly Mantra: “Om Gum Gurobhyo Namaha”

Pronunciation: OM GUM GOO-ROO-BYO – NAHM-AYA

Meaning: Salutations to that which removes darkness of ignorance.



Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac. A Pisces native is multi-talented, creative, sincere, and hardworking. They always believe in lifelong relationships. They are committed in whatever they do, and once they take a job, they do not rest until they complete it satisfactorily—they do not wait for others for help or for solutions. They are independent, think big just like their ruling planet, Jupiter, and work hard to achieve their goals. They have a strong sixth sense. They love to spend most of their time in their private world. Pisces prefer living close to the sea and are fond of water sports, skiing, hiking, surfing, swimming, and walking along the seashore. The strong influence of Jupiter definitely has a lot of influence on their personality, and they can easily draw others toward them like a magnet. A Pisces native is truly romantic, caring, and invests a lot of love and care in their relationship.

It is not easy to understand a Pisces male. His physical appearance can be misleading, and his dress can be totally contradictory to his personality. At times he can do the complete opposite of what is expected of him. He can be lazy and slow, but he will be committed in the relationship and willing to make sacrifices for the one he loves. He can be very logical at one time and extremely irrational at another. He has incredible hidden talents and creativity. His behavior and mood are never consistent, and that reflects on his career and life goals. He will choose his time and place to exhibit his talents. He can astonish his most vocal critic. He can do exceptionally well as a scientist, entertainer, fashion designer, politician, and teacher.

A Piscean woman is easy to recognize because of her face and eyes. She will have a unique appeal about her that will attract others toward her. She is multi-talented, charismatic, and can attract partners easily. She is modern yet traditional and has her own style. She has a special interest in children and home, and can be a great mother and wife. She is extremely versatile and can succeed in almost every career, although she can do extremely well as a fashion designer, movie star, singer, teacher, or doctor. She likes to work with people who are bright, appealing, and who have innovative ideas.

Ruled by planet Jupiter, Pisces is honest, responsible, trustworthy, intelligent, and broadminded. You are fond of intellectual conversation and soothing music, but you need to control your tendency to be extra nervous and restless during difficult times. March promises a lot of success and happiness. Whatever you do, your income and efficiency will show remarkable improvement. Romance will be in the air, but your beloved will seek a commitment from your end. Avoid standing surety or a guarantee for others, as it could lead to embarrassment and legal problems. Property-related matters will take shape and prove to be beneficial.

Lucky Days – Thursday
Lucky Dates –12, 20, 29
Lucky Gemstone – Citrine

Pisces Celebrity: George Washington, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Drew Barrymore, Chris Martin, Sidney Poitier, Smokey Robinson, Seal, Quincy Jones, George Harrison, Kurt Cobain, Bruce Willis, Rupert Murdoch, Michael Caine, Mikhail Gorbachev

Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Symbol: The Fishes
Element: Water
Lucky Colors: Yellow, White
Lucky Stones: Yellow Sapphire, Topaz
Best Professions/Fields: Teacher, Coaching, Engineering, Law, Spirituality, Singers
Body Parts: Feet
Good Points: Creative, Adaptable, Honesty, Sincere, Intuitive, Intelligent
Bad Points: Oversensitive, Suspicious, Unconventional
Soul Mates: Cancer and Sagittarius
Just Say No: Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini



Aries (March 21 to April 19)

Ruled by planet Mars, you are energetic, authoritative, jovial, reliable, and highly systematic. You possess a persuasive and magnetic personality. You have a great potential to handle complicated tasks and seldom complain. This March brings appreciation and rewards that you deserve. Investments in real estate this month will prove highly rewarding. However, indulging in speculation will be detrimental and should be avoided. Legal disputes that have been playing on your mind will settle amicably to your satisfaction. Children will be a major source of happiness, and if you have a spouse, they will keep you happy. However, your parents’ health will suffer due to stress, and concern over increased family medical expenses will occupy your mind.

Lucky Days – Tuesday
Lucky Dates – 3, 9, 18, 30
Lucky Gemstone – Red Coral


Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

Ruled by Venus, you are highly sensitive, friendly, creative, and optimistic. You possess a sharp memory, excellent health, and a powerful character. You are highly respected in your group, and people look to you for inspiration and support. March brings brilliant opportunities your way, but you need to grab them before others do. Financial gains will accrue from past investments. This also seems to be a wonderful period to do things that you enjoy and which make you feel good. A distant journey for pleasure or pilgrimage seems likely later in the month. Your health will remain good, but the health of an aged family member will concern you. New friendships and contacts developed during this period will be highly worthwhile.

Lucky Days – Wednesday
Lucky Dates – 1, 12, 16, 25
Lucky Gemstone – Opal


Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

Ruled by Mercury, you are highly energetic, independent, ambitious, and charming. You are fond of socializing with people who are well-educated, intelligent, and who hold important positions in society. You can easily make friends, but you need to check your tendency to be moody, stubborn, and lazy sometimes. March promises to bring you physical as well as financial benefits. Your energy will be high, bringing you immense gains. Speculation in real estate will yield handsome returns too. Distant travel will be undertaken for business purpose as well as pleasure, while children need to concentrate more on their careers. Despite some initial hiccups, your health will be more or less fine, however, spend time practicing meditation and yoga for remarkable gains.

Lucky Days – Friday
Lucky Dates – 2, 11, 28
Lucky Gemstone – Emerald


Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

Ruled by the Moon, you are independent, brilliant, confident, and friendly. You are a very cheerful and pleasant person who possesses an excellent sense of humor. You dislike office politics, arguments, and confrontation. This March promises new hope and possibilities. Your gains commensurate according to your efforts, as luck will definitely be on your side. Your imagination and skills will do wonders for you, and your creativity will be at an all-time high. But your best opportunities will develop through your association with people who hold positions of authority. Sudden gains and losses are foreseen, therefore do not indulge in hasty speculation. Children will bring happy news later in the month.

Lucky Days – Sunday
Lucky Dates – 4, 15, 20, 31
Lucky Gemstone – Moonstone

sonima-astro-leoLeo (July 23 to August 22)

Ruled by the Sun, you are assertive, cheerful, confident, authoritative, and enthusiastic. You are gifted with a strong intuition, a lot of talent, and a remarkable imagination. You are simple, honest, and always ready to help others. This March, investments will bring fresh gains, and you will spend more on luxuries and other comforts. Romantic entanglement will be pleasant, with very strong chances to enter into a matrimonial alliance. Religious feelings will arise, making you embark on a pilgrimage later in the month. Expect gifts and goodies both in cash and kind, but some unexpected expenses will take you by surprise.

Lucky Days – Monday
Lucky Dates – 10, 15, 22, 28
Lucky Gemstone – Ruby


Virgo (August 24 to September 22)

Ruled by Mercury, you are dynamic, courageous, warm-hearted, and religious. You greatly admire music and literature. You are research-oriented and have a strong determination, but you need to check your tendency to be jealous, lazy, and erratic at times. This month, with the full moon in your sign, you should plan things well in advance to reap the greatest benefit. The effort you put in during this period will bring the results you desire in the long run. This seems to be a favorable period for property investment, but romance will top your list of priorities. Your financial condition will improve as you pick up a higher-position job with more responsibility. Some exhilarating news from distant relations will boost up the spirits of the entire family. Travel and journey will be pleasurable.

Lucky Days – Saturday
Lucky Dates – 4, 12, 23, 27
Lucky Gemstone – Emerald


Libra (September 23 to October 22)

As you are ruled by Venus, you are original, active, responsible, trustworthy, and very simple. You are highly talented and fond of accepting challenges, but you need to control your tendency to be moody and spendthrift at times. This March, long-awaited promotions and monetary benefits will finally be yours. Financially you will face some initial problems, but stay strong, as things will improve later in the month. This is an excellent period to develop new contacts and revive old ones. You will travel to attend auspicious events, but avoid entering into any financial joint ventures and stay away from speculation. Lastly, wedding bells will ring for those who aren’t married.

Lucky Days – Friday
Lucky Dates – 2, 7, 15, 28
Lucky Gemstone – Diamond


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Ruled by planet Mars, you are simple, responsible, trustworthy, creative, intelligent, and talented. You have a sharp mind that is constantly searching for new ideas, but you need to control your tendency to be restless and stubborn at times. This March, you’ll start a few new ventures, leading to several sources of income. The people you meet through your work will inspire you to do your best. This good flow of finances will improve your savings and make living more comfortable. An infatuation with the opposite sex may come as a surprise but will add spice to your life. Although the health of your parents will cause some concern, there is nothing to be worried about.

Lucky Days – Tuesday
Lucky Dates – 9, 12, 25
Lucky Gemstone – Red Coral


Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

Influenced by planet Jupiter, you are charming, ambitious, talented, helpful, dignified, and highly methodical. You are so efficient in your work that others have trouble keeping pace, but you need to curb your tendency to be extravagant, moody, and authoritative at times. This March will be full of beneficial business partnerships and alliances, and you’ll improve your financial gains through investments and new ventures. Your loved one will give you his or her time, services, and even financial support, if needed. Family responsibilities will escalate, and people at home will be more demanding. A real estate transaction toward the month’s end will bring excellent monetary gains.

Lucky Days – Thursday
Lucky Dates – 11, 16, 24
Lucky Gemstone – Topaz


Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)

Ruled by planet Saturn, you are trustworthy, energetic, systematic, reliable, and noble. You are physically very active and enjoy participating in sports and social get-togethers, but you need to control your tendency to be stubborn and jealous at times. This March you will travel excessively or do business with people who live far from your home. You are soon likely to enter a very positive period of financial and professional growth. It’s a good period to reassess your investments, and home renovations or construction-related activities will also be high on your agenda. Chronically ill patients definitely need to be more careful about their health. Preventive medicines should not be avoided at any cost.

Lucky Days – Saturday
Lucky Dates – 2, 5, 14, 21, 27
Lucky Gemstone – Tanzanite


Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

Influenced by Saturn, you are smart, energetic, practical, dignified, and highly sensitive. You like an independent lifestyle that allows you to move gradually toward your goals, but you need to check your tendency to be spendthrift, dominating, and restless at times. This March, with the new moon in your sign, you will accept some interesting responsibilities and learn many new techniques and skills. You may become dissatisfied with your job, but you will continue with it because of the good income. Your earnings will be variable but overall quite good. Matrimonial alliance seems likely for some toward the end of the month, while others will find a romance to keep them going. Pending legal matters will end satisfactorily, giving you mental relief. Chronic patients need to take extra care of their health.

Lucky Days – Friday
Lucky Dates – 3, 12, 25
Lucky Gemstone – Amethyst

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