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Your September Horoscope—A Chance for a Fresh Start

You cannot change the past, but you can kick off a new beginning with this month's cosmic energy.

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This September, Mercury, Mars, and Venus remain combust most of the month. Saturn—the karmic planet—is conjoined with Ketu. There is also a formation of kaal sarpa dosha in the zodiac this month, with all the planets remaining on one side of the Moon nodes Rahu and Ketu.

Unless you are seeking commitment from your beloved, this cosmic energy is not very favorable for love and relationship. Weak Mercury is likely to impair communication, so even the best and most sincere efforts may not yield positive results. A confrontation is likely to surround you, putting you in a truly awkward position. Just remember that it’s important to stand up for what you have always considered to be right. On a positive note, you’ll make important decisions and have the power to lift yourself from the past and start things all over again. With the passage of time, you’ll be able to look back and understand that the decisions that you make now were for the best. However, be mindful that the prevailing Kaalsarp dosha is likely to bring unforeseen expenses this month. It’s best to remain prudent if you’re investing in the stock market.

The Hindu month of Bhadra is going on, and the period of Pitru Paksha, which is also known as Shraddha, is September 13-28. The auspicious Hindu festival of Navratri begins on September 29.

Monthly Mantra: “Om Dum Durgayei Namaha”

Pronunciation: Om doom-door-gahei-nahm-aya

Meaning: Salutations to the bestower of compassion, fearlessness, and patience.



Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac. It is ruled by Mercury, the planet of confidence, logic, and communication. The symbol is the Virgin, a mark of purity and innocence. If you apply the idea of purity to the psychological and emotional life, you can see how a Virgo native approaches life. A Virgo seeks purity in those around them, whether that is their friends, partners, or any other relationship. A Virgo native also believes in purity of the mind, body, and soul. Hence, they are highly inclined toward spirituality and tend to be good astrologers, healers, nurses, and dietitians. A Virgo native possesses enormous analytical powers and has a very strong memory as well. They are also known to be perfectionists in their work, but when they turn negative, they can sow the seeds of self-destruction.

A Virgo male is intelligent, hard-working, confident, and truly devoted to his work. He has the ability to complete the most difficult task in the least possible time. He is sincere in everything he does, refusing to rest until he completes his work to his satisfaction. A Virgo male is humble, self-controlled, and kind-hearted and may go out of his way to make others happy. He likes to stay abreast of the newest innovations in science and technology and often possesses the latest gadgets.

A Virgo woman has a pleasing personality. She is elegant, sensual, graceful, sincere, candid, and honest, and looks much younger than her age. Her charm and magnetic personality appeal to just about everyone. No other zodiac sign tends to give more in a relationship than a Virgo woman does. Perhaps that’s why she is extremely good at making friends and keeping relationships. Athletic by nature, she is fond of sports and outdoor activities. Indoors, her special decorative touches can improve any setting. Although a Virgo female can be stubborn and jealous at times, overall she strives for excellence in everything she does—anything less is never acceptable.

This September, with full moon in your sign, it’s best to concentrate on your work, which promises rewards in the long run. You will acquire new skills, gather valuable information, and handle additional responsibilities on behalf of your boss, leading to connections with important people. Finances will improve thanks to returns from past investments. At the same time, having insufficient time to spend with your beloved will cause your love life to suffer.

Lucky Days – Wednesday
Lucky Dates – 4, 10, 16, 27
Lucky Gemstone – Emerald

Virgo Celebrity: Prince Harry, Cameron Diaz, Warren Buffett, Michael Jackson, Salma Hayek, Greta Garbo, Keanu Reeves, Claudia Schiffer, Tommy Lee Jones, Charlie Sheen, Sophia Loren, Beyoncé

Ruling Planet: Mercury
The Virgin
Lucky Colors:
Green, Yellow, White
Lucky Stone: Emerald
Best Professions/Fields: Computers, Teachers, Finance, Auditing, Restaurant, Entertainer
Body Part: Abdomen
Good Points: Ambitious, Dynamic, Skillful, Sharp Memory, Business-Minded
Bad Points: Selfish, Critical, Hasty, Sensitive
Soul Mates: Taurus, Capricorn
Just Say No: 
Aries, Leo, Pisces



Aries (March 21 to April 19)

Ruled by planet Mars, you will find yourself being active, energetic, creative, and making a few bold decisions. Although heavy work-related expenses will cut into your profits, September will be a good month, earning you respect and fame from those around you. They will appreciate your systematic approach to life, and the few decisions and events that seem unfavorable in the moment will eventually bring you lots of gains. Things will be cordial with your lover, and the additional attention that you receive this month will make your relationship very exciting. Long journeys and pilgrimage are also on the cards for some of you.

Lucky Days – Saturday
Lucky Dates – 5, 10, 19
Lucky Gemstone – Red Coral


Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

There’s much to look forward to this month. The jobs that you handle will be fun and exciting, helping you enjoy your daily routine, the challenges that you face, and the people you meet. You will be dependable and trusted to keep secrets of your own and those of your friends and associates. The contacts that you develop will prove highly important for your career growth. Your income will be excellent, however, avoid any risky or speculative investments. The middle of September will prove to be significant, especially for those in creative fields like education, culture, and arts. Those with a spouse will be showered with love and affection by their cooperative partner.

Lucky Days – Monday
Lucky Dates – 2, 6, 12, 28
Lucky Gemstone – Zircon


Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

You will remain very popular among your peers because of your helpful nature. Your work will be intellectually challenging and put you in touch with interesting and dynamic people. Take advantage, as the more you associate with others, the better your income will be. Just be sure to execute all your contracts with extreme care and after consulting experts. Investments that deal with property will be highly lucrative, and the journeys you undertake this month will help you yield excellent returns. However, your health will be a matter of concern.

Lucky Days – Sunday
Lucky Dates – 7, 18, 24
Lucky Gemstone – Jade

sonima-astro-cancerCancer (June 21 to July 22)

You will be endowed with remarkable imagination and intuitions, but you need to control your tendency to be stubborn, vindictive, and moody at times. A few changes in your workplace will create a favorable environment to increase your productivity and income. New partnerships and ventures are likely later this month, and your total earnings will be much better than you imagine. Journey to a distant place will bring new opportunities and help you establish important contacts. Sudden gains through a bonus or dividend cannot be ruled out. Although parents may be a bit upset with their children, otherwise home life will be pleasant.

Lucky Days – Monday
Lucky Dates – 3, 11, 21, 30
Lucky Gemstone – White Diamond


Leo (July 23 to August 22)

This September, time will mean money for you. Your overall career success will depend entirely on your good organizational skills. You will be popular, and close friends and associates will seek your advice on investments. Although travel will be important for advancing personal affairs, you’ll still find time to pay more attention to family matters. You need to stay away from secret agreements and affairs, as these may cause major setbacks.

Lucky Days – Sunday
Lucky Dates – 5, 15, 28
Lucky Gemstone – Garnet


Libra (September 23 to October 22)

This month, with sign lord Venus conjoined with Mercury, you will have superior imagination. You will travel a great deal due to work, yielding favorable outcomes. You’ll not only meet exceptionally interesting people; there will be remarkable opportunities that will bring you gains much beyond your expectation. Be conservative in your spending and avoid gambling or making any risky investments. Your relationship with your spouse or a close relative may be tense for some time, but eventually things will return back to normal.

Lucky Days – Friday
Lucky Dates – 3, 15, 26
Lucky Gemstone – Opal


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

As long as you control your tendency to be spendthrift, reckless, and stubborn at times, you will easily charm others with your words and actions and enjoy a special respect in your group. This September, expect excellent rewards for your work. Your income will rise, and you will make some good long-term investments. You’ll also celebrate your success in a special way and spend more on comforts and entertainment. You will establish a better understanding with your beloved, which will make every moment that you spend together a truly memorable one. The health of your parents may cause concern and anxiety. Spiritual gains for some later in the month cannot be ruled out.

Lucky Days – Tuesday
Lucky Dates – 8, 14, 25
Lucky Gemstone – Red Coral


Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

Due to strong Jupiter, you will be fond of adventure, having no problems in accepting challenges. A steady rise on the career front brings earnings that exceed your expectations, keeping you very satisfied. You will help those who approach you for assistance, and later in the month you are likely to get involved in construction or renovation for yourself or others. Matrimonial alliances for some cannot be ruled out, and those with children will be supported and hear happy news toward the end of the month. However, avoid getting involved in any legal complications, as judicial matters might not bring in the desired results.

Lucky Days – Thursday
Lucky Dates – 6, 10, 22
Lucky Gemstone – Topaz


Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)

September is all about improvement for Capricorns: in your health, your work environment, and your home. For yourself, you will take interest in fitness and good hygiene. Changes in your work environment bring satisfaction and increased earnings, however, it will be essential to save. You’ll also interact with important people who will help you in your career. Later this month, you’ll turn to renovation, construction, and pilgrimage. Your beloved will be in a highly romantic mood and you will have good times together.

Lucky Days – Monday
Lucky Dates – 2, 14, 21, 28
Lucky Gemstone – Blue Sapphire


Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

People will admire you for your ability to make quick and important decisions, but you need to check your tendency to be moody, impatient, and short-tempered at times. You also need to be more particular about your health and diet this month. Long-pending legal matters will be sorted out to your satisfaction, and your rapport with important government authorities will improve. You will be rewarded for your hard work with a promotion or raise. Matrimonial alliances seem likely for some.

Lucky Days – Wednesday
Lucky Dates – 11, 20, 28
Lucky Gemstone – Emerald


Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

You will value relationships more than anything else this month and will devote more time and attention in looking after the needs of others than in doing things for self-gain. With new moon in your sign, you are likely to change plans more often than usual. You will work closely with known people who will influence your decisions. With both your earnings and your expenses high, this is a period to stick to your budget. Frequent and fruitful journeys are likely to keep you on the move. Later in the month, the influence of a spiritual person will be a source of inspiration. Your health will definitely need more attention, especially if you have asthma, bronchitis, or high blood pressure.

Lucky Days – Sunday
Lucky Dates – 5, 11, 25
Lucky Gemstone – Ruby


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