Since becoming a mother, I have noticed that my practice comes in tiny sounds bites rather than getting lost in the juicy long practices of my single self. This dynamic thirteen minute practice purposefully balances a powerful punch with a sweet heart-opening, designed to increase your heart rate, call you to presence and kick start you for a day in the life of a mindful mama. Make time. These thirteen minutes will ripple positivity and resilience through the rest of your day.

Beginning with a spinal warm up, this sequence will help you find fluidity in the back body, activate strength in the legs, and bring awareness to the core. After you find the support of the lower body, back bending becomes easier and more anatomically safe.  This practice can turn up the heat, but its main purpose is to invite energy, so be sure to modify as is appropriate for you. One of the most important parts of inviting energy, which may be seemingly counterintuitive, is the rest that accompanies movement. If you only have time for one pose, let it be the final resting pose—savasana. It is in this pose that the body regains equilibrium.

Feeling drained, and in need of soothing energy? Try this sweet and simple restorative practice designed by Jana Roemer especially for Mothers.

Photos by Chloe Crespi ; Outfitted by Lolë Women