Set aside five minutes to meditate or just sit quietly. Choose a place where you feel happy and secure. Take a few minutes to settle down, breathing in deeply, inhaling and exhaling comfortably. Not trying to control your breath, not trying to control anything. Just letting it flow and tis rhythm relax you. Ask yourself the following questions. Don’t feel the need to answer the questions. Just take time to experience what comes up when you ask.

Who am I?
Pause for a few seconds and repeat the question.

What do I want?
Pause again for a few seconds, and then repeat the question.

How can I serve?
Pause, then repeat the question.

Take another deep breath and ask yourself:

What does the universe (God, or whatever spiritual presence you believe in) want from me?
Again, do not feel as if you need to have a clear answer to these questions. Just see what percolates in these quiet moments.

This meditation exercise is excerpted from Living with Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace, and Joy by Mallika Chopra, founder of