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This Is Where Positive Thinking Begins

Success and happiness can be yours with the slightest attitude adjustment. Here's what you need to do to get in the right frame of mind.

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People ask me all the time how they can thrive in their lives, or in other words, get the most out of the short time we have here on this earth. Of course, thriving means different things to different people. Maybe you want success in your career or to have a great family life or to forge a deeper connection with your faith or spirituality. Regardless of how you define it, the answer to getting there is simpler than you think. The only difference between thriving and not thriving—at any level—is what you put into your mind. Let me explain.

You receive all of your information through your five senses, and then your brain processes it. Next, your memory, belief systems, and past experiences project it on a screen, which is your mind, based on all these factors you have within you. We call that “perception,” and whatever you perceive is what you project.  The mind is engaged in taking in these images: Your senses are active, your memory and belief system is projecting the information, the processor is processing it, and the whole mechanism is working. And yet, someone is watching it, and that is your soul.

To take this a step further, this screen has two sides. If you go behind the screen, you can still see the movie playing, just from a different angle. Usually you are sitting in front of it, so you look at it from that side, and that is what is seen by your conscious mind. Those images that can be seen from behind, on the other hand, are seen by something else: the subconscious mind. It’s important to note that the subconscious mind takes information from the conscious mind without discrimination. It’s like a video camera, which takes in information and does not judge it to be good or bad, black or white.

Lastly, there is a third, invisible layer that encompasses that double-sided screen, which is the cosmic mind.  All other layers of the mind exist within the cosmic mind. All three of these layers are connected by one common factor, which is consciousness. In this cosmic mind screen, there is nothing that you can ever think of which is not already in there—no thought, no action, no experience.

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So now you understand this process: You have thoughts, you identify them, you see them, project them, and finally, you manifest them. If you want to thrive, you have to plant the right thoughts, or seeds, in your conscious mind. That is the first layer. Then, you have to give them energy by putting them in motion through your actions. Those seeds then get absorbed by the second layer, your subconscious. In that layer, there are many seeds, both for good, positive things like flowers, and bad, negative things like weeds. At that point, if you leave your thoughts in the hands of the cosmic mind, or the third layer, then your effortlessness is going to allow the very first thoughts, or seed, which you have put in motion, to connect with the same thought seed, which is already out there in the cosmic mind and bring it into your life as an experience or manifestation.

So if you want to thrive in your life at all levels, the main thing you have to do is put the right thought seeds in your conscious mind. Everything starts from the quality of your thoughts and then goes full circle and comes back as an experience in your life. The bottom line: If you want to have positive experiences, you need to have positive thoughts.

With this in mind, it becomes clear that anybody can thrive. If you have some bad seeds in your mind already, you have to recognize them, dig them out, and replace them with positive ones. It’s really simple. Expand your positive mind-field with so many positive seeds that the weeds have no place to go. Just don’t pay attention to them because they will die on their own. If you spend too much time trying to get the weeds out, you’re giving them energy and making them stronger. So instead, focus on filling yourself with positive thoughts. Try to think positive, do positive, and you’ll be thriving in no time.



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