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Soccer Star Alex Morgan on Dealing with Loss

Find out how the popular soccer star is processing her team's surprise setback in Rio, and the mindfulness tools she uses to stay centered.

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It’s never easy to deal with a disappointing loss, especially when the stakes are as high as at the Olympics, where the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team has taken the gold medal for the past three consecutive Games. While Alex Morgan, the team’s 27-year-old forward, was heartbroken by Sweden’s surprise upset of the United Stakes in the quarterfinals in Rio, she is the picture of grace just a few days later at the P&G Family Home where she spoke with the press as part of the Always #LikeaGirl campaign. Read on to find out how she’s dealing with the disappointment, and what’s next for the standout athlete.

How have you and the team been handling the loss?

I think for a day or two it was really, really difficult and bitter. And I think it will be bitter for a long time. But I think it was a humbling experience because this team has such high expectations for winning and doing well historically in tournaments and being consecutive, three-time Olympic gold medalists. I think it was very devastating and heartbreaking at first. I think we will back bounce from this and come back even stronger, but it will take time. I feel like it’s a good distraction for me to be able to support the rest of team USA.

Does practicing yoga or meditation help?

Meditation has definitely helped because of the craziness and just the devastation that came along with the loss. I haven’t been able to do yoga. But when I get back home, I feel like yoga and meditation will definitely be a part of my weekly routine. So that will definitely help.

Do you practice a specific type of meditation?

I just do mindful meditation. I don’t follow any specific meditation practice [or mindfulness app] right now. I just try to clear my mind, sit still and be present in the moment.

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What’s the biggest hurdle for the national team going forward?

It’s not like we played a bad game. It’s not like the effort wasn’t there. For us, it’s more about getting over the heartbreak. I don’t think there’s a huge hurdle to get over. But I think it’s going to take time and luckily there’s three years between now and the next major tournament, so time is all we have right now.

What’s next for the team?

We have a long way to the World Cup in three years. So now, it’s just rebuilding and continuing to get back on course. We have two friendlies in September. That will be about getting the team back together and getting us thinking positively and back on the right track.



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