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31 Healthy and Delicious Frozen Desserts

Beat the summer heat with a cool and refreshing treat like a watermelon ice pop, peach thyme sorbet, peanut butter banana ice cream, or a sweet tea slushy.

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With this summer looking to be the hottest one on record in many parts of the world, we are all sure to need a respite from scorching temperatures. If you can’t escape the heat, you can at least cool off with one of these delicious frozen and no-cook desserts. Unlike many of the frozen foods you’ll find in the supermarket, which are often heavily processed and loaded with sugar, these recipes from top food bloggers are wholesome, nutritionally balanced, and super tasty. From fruity sorbet to chocolate chip frozen yogurt cake to a raw, vegan version of a Klondike Bar, you’re sure to find something that will satisfy your sweet tooth while it’s 95 degrees outside.

healthy frozen dessert recipes


Two-Ingredient Fudge Pops
Remember how you used to chase after the ice cream truck for those ooey-gooey fudgesicles? Recreate them in your own kitchen with only two ingredients for a walk (or run) down memory lane. And depending on the chocolate hazelnut spread you choose to combine with the chocolate almond milk, this recipe can be completely dairy-free and vegan.

Coconut Pineapple Yogurt Pops
Get your virgin piña colada on with these frozen pops. With a prep time of only 5 minutes before they hit the freezer overnight, they are the perfect way to bring a little taste of paradise to a busy weeknight.

Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge Pops
No, that’s not food coloring in these bright green pops. It’s spinach! Sneak some vitamins A, K, E, C, and B1 into your dessert, disguised in chocolate and refreshing peppermint. With easy dairy and sweetener substitutions, you can customize these pops to fit your diet.

Strawberry White Chocolate Popsicles
Fresh strawberries, coconut milk, vanilla bean, and sugar form the popsicle base, and an optional dash of vodka adds an adult twist, while keeping the pops from freezing too firmly. Drizzle with coconut-infused white chocolate, and you’ll be sure to impress with this elegant dessert. (Or save them all for yourself. That’s ok too.)

Ginger Hibiscus and Minty Watermelon Popsicles
Dried hibiscus flowers give these watermelon-based pops their stunning magenta color. And the fresh ginger and mint will aid digestion after a big summer meal with friends. Dairy-free and sweetened with honey, these pops are so healthy you won’t think twice about having seconds. (Pictured above.)

Cucumber Lime and Mint Popsicles
Cool as a cucumber, they say? Two kinds of cucumber, lime juice, fresh mint leaves, and a touch of agave nectar will have you feeing refreshed in no time, whether you’ve spent a long day in the sun or at the office.

Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt

healthy frozen yogurt recipe

Photo by Leigh Ann at

Honey and Beet Frozen Yogurt
Not sure what to do with beets from your CSA share? Make fro-yo! Caramelize these vitamin-rich little purple wonders and combine with Greek yogurt and honey for a tart and sweet, stunningly vibrant ice cream alternative. (Pictured above.)

Peanut Butter Banana “Ice Cream”
This naturally sweetened, dairy-free “ice cream” made from frozen bananas is chock-full of nut protein and antioxidants from cinnamon. Put a scoop on a cone and it’s basically a peanut butter and banana sandwich, so try it for lunch too!

No-Churn Dark Chocolate Avocado Frozen Yogurt
While replacing heavy cream with avocado may sound suspicious, we promise you won’t even notice once you take a bite of this creamy, chocolaty fro-yo. No ice cream maker? No problem. Simply freeze the base and enjoy.

Peach Ice Cream with Toasted Granola
Gluten-free granola, coconut milk, fresh peaches, banana, and almond butter…sounds like breakfast! And with a surprise dash of turmeric, you’ll reduce inflammation while enjoying this dairy-free treat at any time of day.

Mango Lassi Frozen Yogurt
If you’re craving the Mango Lassi from your favorite Indian takeout place, try this homemade version instead. Pre-cooking the mango to reduce its water content, combined with honey’s natural anti-freezing properties, makes this fro-yo “scoopable-from-the-freezer” even if you skip the churning step.


green smoothie sorbet

Photo by Danielle at

Green Smoothie Sorbet
If you’re addicted to green juice, this one is for you! And if you’ve been dragging your feet behind the green juice bandwagon, this might just be the recipe to make you jump on board. This sorbet (pictured above) packs a sneaky punch of vitamins from spinach and fresh fruit, and you can sub in avocados for Greek yogurt to make it vegan.

Sparkling Peach Thyme Sorbet
A dash of champagne lowers the freezing temperature of the sorbet base and adds fun, adult bubbles to this childhood favorite, which is made even more sophisticated by a hint of thyme.

Raspberry Coconut Mango Sorbet
Combine mango, raspberries, coconut milk, lime juice, and sugar for a vegan treat that magically tastes like guava. Escape to tropical paradise without buying an expensive plane ticket or taking time off work (well, maybe just a quick snack break at the office).

Blueberry Mint Sorbet
Try making your own blueberry juice for this recipe. Combine with mint-infused simple syrup and lime juice, and you’re ready to churn your way to a palate-cleansing vegan dessert. Make extra mint simple syrup to keep on hand for refreshing summer cocktails, too!

Kiwi Lime Sorbet
With only three ingredients (kiwi, lime, and sugar), it’s hard to beat this bright green treat. We dare you to resist sneaking a taste while you wait for it to freeze overnight.


healthy vegan cookie ice cream sandwich

Photo by Cara at via

Cara’s Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
There’s nothing quite like the cold chewiness of an ice cream sandwich. And when a dessert looks this good and it’s also labeled “the healthiest ice cream sandwich you ever ate,” you know you’re in for double the treat. These sandwiches contain no flour, butter, or sugar, but they still pack layers of nutty, chocolatey, creamy flavors, so they’re sure to live up to expectations. (Pictured above.)

Vegan Raw Snickers Ice Cream Bites
Dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, refined-sugar-free, and raw, these imitation frozen Snickers bites made with date caramel, peanuts, and frozen banana, covered in chocolate are the perfect way to satisfy your candy craving and cool off this summer.

Frozen Yogurt Bites
Basically just fruit, yogurt, and granola frozen into a bite-sized cup, these frozen yogurt bites will satisfy your sweet tooth at breakfast, between meals, or as dessert. And they keep for up to three weeks in the freezer, so you’ll always have some on hand.

Chocolate-Dipped Almond Butter Banana Bites
Chocolate-dipped peanut butter banana bites are all the rage this summer, but this recipe takes it up a notch with homemade Coconut Maple Almond Butter. Make extra almond butter to eat on sandwiches, fruit, or straight out of the jar.

Raw Ice Cream Sandwiches
Craving a Klondike Bar? Try this raw, vegan, paleo version made with only almonds, dates, bananas, cocoa powder, and vanilla, and eat as many as you want, guilt-free.

Chocolate Banana Frozen Yogurt Bark
Greek yogurt, bananas, cocoa powder, and honey are all you need to make this super healthy frozen snack. Want more toppings? Experiment with adding nuts, chocolate chips, or other fresh or dried fruit to personalize this bark to your taste.

Pies and Cakes

matcha green tea ice cream cake

Photo by Paul Delmont for

Raw Matcha Ice Cream Cake
Still want the antioxidants from your matcha tea, but can’t stand the thought of boiling water in this heat? We’ve got you covered with this raw, dairy-free, gluten-free ice cream cake that’s packed with antioxidants, healthy fat from coconut oil, and almond protein.

Frozen Blueberry Coconut Yogurt Pie
This frozen pie only has four ingredients—it’s so easy to make! Try switching out the original blueberries, toasted coconut, and vanilla yogurt with other fruits, toppings, or flavors of yogurt for a variety of delicious frozen pies all summer long. Or make your own crust with graham crackers or any other kind of cookie you want.

Raspberry Swirl Frozen Yogurt Pie
Make your own graham cracker almond crust, or if you’re tight on time, use a pre-made one. This frozen summer pie is easy to whip up with fresh fruit, honey, and frozen yogurt. Make it ahead of time to bring to a potluck or to have on hand in the freezer whenever you want a sweet bite. Don’t have frozen yogurt? Try it with Greek yogurt instead.

Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt Cake
For a little splurge that you can still feel good about, whip together yogurt, cream, sugar, and chocolate chips, pour into a homemade two-ingredient graham cracker crust, and freeze. Piece of (frozen) cake!


healthy mocha smoothie recipe

Photo by Megan at

Healthy Salted Caramel Mocha Smoothie

This is not your average coffee drink. Dates, bananas, and almond milk add vitamins and a super creamy texture to your morning coffee, and cocoa powder tops off the guilt-free decadence. After starting your day with one of these smoothies (pictured above), you may just have to have one for dessert, too.

Frozen Coconut Limeade

From Deb Perelman’s legendary blog Smitten Kitchen comes this ridiculously easy and refreshing summer drink. Too hot for solid food? Just “put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up,” or rather, throw some coconut milk, lime juice, ice, and sweetener into a blender and you have yourself a healthy, frozen drink for any time of day.

Strawberry Basil Granita
Remember those strawberry slushies from the arcade? Now you can make your own healthy, grown-up version by combining strawberries, lemon juice, and basil-infused simple syrup in a blender. Just freeze for two hours, stirring occasionally to form those characteristic ice crystals, and enjoy!

Sweet Tea Slushy 
It’s hard to imagine that Southern sweet tea could get any better, but it can! Blend your home-brewed tea with simple syrup, lemon, and ice for a cooling twist on the classic summer staple.

Sunshine Flower Tea Granita
If coffee isn’t your thing (or even if it is), this is the breakfast-turned-dessert for you! Just combine matcha tea (powdered or DIY) and simple syrup, freeze, stirring occasionally, and enjoy with evaporated milk, or your dairy-free milk of choice.



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