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The Way I Eat: Tara Stiles

Take a look at the daily diets of health enthusiasts and practitioners across the country. Here's a taste of what fuels celebrity yogi Tara Stiles.

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In Tara Stiles’ new book, Make Your Own Rules Diet, she offers an intuitive approach to healthy eating: “Do what makes you feel amazing.” Though her book is not a comprehensive study of nutrients, calories, and fats, as you might see in other diet books, her message is as wise, much as the diet is smart. “When following someone else’s rules leads us further away from ourselves we start swimming in dangerous territory,” she writes. “We chase the external and grasp at the next best thing that never lives up to its promise. And worse yet, we begin to think of ourselves as failures.” In the end, the path toward wellness is actually quite simple. What Stiles eats every day is not so far-fetched for the average person living in America today. It’s simple and easy, it doesn’t sacrifice taste, it simply embraces joy. “Living healthy, eating well, and being radiant from the inside out has nothing to do with depriving yourself. A life without indulgence is a life without joy.” Here, Stiles shares with Sonima a sample of what she eats from morning to night. As you will see, she finds a beautiful balance between thoughtfulness and joy in everything she puts her in mouth.


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Coffee from La Colombe in New York City.


The Green Dream Smoothie is easy to make, delicious, and super nutritious for a great start to the day. Just mix about a handful of spinach, a cup of almond milk, and a banana and you’re good to go!

After Yoga

fit elvis 2

A Fit Elvis Sandwich, made in a skillet with nondairy butter. Top your favorite bread with almond butter and a banana, toast on the stovetop, and enjoy.


veggie & rice noodles

This dish of rice noodles with veggies is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Steam the veggies and add dijon, balsamic vinegar, hot sauce, and oil for a zing of sweetness and spice.

island toast

If you’re looking for something a little cooler, try the Island Veggie Toast. It’s as easy as it looks: salad ON toast!


noodles on the go

Here Stiles ate noodles at a sweet restaurant in Tokyo after days of intense travel and teaching.

Midnight Snack

almond milk and cookies

“If I’m at the W,” Stiles told us, “Almond milk and cookies!” Sometimes it’s fruit and champagne, or sometimes just fruit.



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