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Your November Horoscope—Forthcoming Good Fortune

This month will bring about the progress and prosperity that you have been hoping for. Take time to think about your long-term goals and trust your intuition.

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This November, Saturn continues its transit through Sagittarius and Rahu transits through Cancer. Venus is retrograde until the 19th and Jupiter becomes combust on the 11th. The Sun will remain debilitated until it enters Scorpio on November 16. Dhanteras falls on the 5th and the auspicious Hindu festival of lights called Deepawali, or Diwali, will be celebrated on November 7. This month, Goddess Lakshmi is likely to bless you with materialistic and spiritual wealth.

Your past efforts related to career, money, home, and education will produce tangible results this month. You will be rewarded for competence and making use of your skills, knowledge, and talents. The period ahead is likely to bring you closer to success and you will move from a state of stagnation to one of action and achievement. You may be presented with an opportunity to earn more money as you gain status, recognition, and approval from others. A promotion is also in the cards for some of you. The positive influence of planets will enhance creativity and innovation. You may notice that you have a completely unconventional approach to problems. Trust your intuition as this period is likely to bring you great rewards on multiple fronts. Now is the time to work toward long-term goals.

Your relationships may feel challenging with Venus in retrograde. You will feel that everything is stable, but your partner has other ideas. Do not be complacent when it comes to your romantic relationship. It is better to establish open communication now.

Monthly Mantra:Om Sri Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha


Meaning: Salutations to the Goddess Lakshmi, who attracts the energy of abundance.



Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

As the eighth sign of the Zodiac, Scorpios are active, ambitious, intelligent, charming, straightforward and passionate. With Mars as their ruling planet, Scorpio natives have a variety of qualities and unique characteristics that make them brave and determined. They are often physically strong. Challenges do not phase Scorpios—they love taking risks. When an opportunity is lost, Scorpio is not disheartened. They start with new vigor and strive hard to win.

A Scorpio man finds success in life primarily because of his own efforts. When things do not go his way, he takes responsibility for his failure. A Scorpio man is quite introspective, improving where things need improvement. One of the hardest things for a Scorpio man is to accept is that he is not important. He enjoys being in a position of authority and, conversely, hates when things are not in his control.

A Scorpio woman is powerful and inquisitive. Although she may look gentle from the outside, she is actually much stronger than other women of the Zodiac. A Scorpio woman is self-sufficient and can be secretive, keeping her feelings to herself. She is a wonderful partner because she is loyal and caring, but she can also be possessive and dominating at times. Scorpio woman often prefers men who are superior to her in intelligence and power. She is career-oriented and does exceptionally well as a nurse, chef, reporter, doctor, and in law enforcement and politics.

This month, with Jupiter transiting in Scorpio, you will feel more energetic and ambitious. You will enjoy more dignity and will likely gain a new, respectable position in society. Expect new partnerships and look forward to long-term effects on your career. Monetary benefits may accrue from past investments. Pleasure trips or friendly get-togethers will be exciting and intellectually stimulating. Family members will be supportive and friends will be extremely helpful. Minor tensions and stress may bother you, but overall, this period will be very favorable.

Lucky Days – Tuesdays
Lucky Dates – 2, 14, 23
Lucky Gemstone – Carnelian

Libra Celebrity: Bill Gates, Prince Charles, Hillary Clinton, Charles Bronson, Julia Roberts, Danny DeVito, Whoopi Goldberg, Demi Moore, Meg Ryan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dolph Lundgren

Ruling Planet: Mars
The Scorpion
Lucky Colors:
Lucky Stone: Red Coral
Best Professions/Fields: Cook, Surgeon, Police, Military, Fireman
Body Part: Sex Organs
Good Points: Strong Willpower, Courageous, Confident, Honest
Bad Points: Secretive, Hasty, Violent, Ruthless, Suspicious and Intolerant
Soul Mates: Cancer, Pisces
Just Say No: 
Gemini and Aquarius



Aries (March 21 to April 19)

As your ruling planet Mars is exalted, you will feel more active, courageous, and energetic this month. Expect new opportunities to improve your financial position. Contacts that you develop during this period will be highly beneficial. You will likely undertake frequent and fruitful journeys to bring about desired results. A property transaction seems likely. You may visit a religious place this month and blessings from a spiritual person will be high on your agenda. Your outgoing nature will work to your advantage as you gain favors from important people.

Lucky Days – Sundays
Lucky Dates – 2, 12, 18, 25
Lucky Gemstone – Garnet



Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

This November, your sign lord Venus is transiting its own sign. Expect to feel very creative in whatever you do. With the full moon in your sign, you are likely to gain recognition for your new and innovative ideas. Your determination and morale will be high this month and you are likely to win the confidences of important people. Property disputes or long-pending legal matters will be decided amicably. Those in the service industry will thrive. Extensive travel is likely and could bring gains. Acquisition of a prime property toward the end of the month cannot be ruled out. Pay attention to your health. Matters relating to the heart will not be satisfactory.

Lucky Days – Fridays
Lucky Dates – 11, 16, 26
Lucky Gemstone – Turquoise



Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

You are ruled by planet Mercury and, therefore, are quick in your decision-making and dedicated to your work. Because of your loyalty, you will enjoy substantial respect among your peers. This month, do not to share information about your investments or personal plans with casual acquaintances. This is likely a rewarding period for a Gemini woman, in particular, with the promise of bright career prospects. You can improve your income and savings as long as you are ready to curb your expenses. Investment in a house and selected stocks is recommended. Later in the month, a distant trip overseas brings new opportunities for growth and a chance to meet old associates.

Lucky Days – Mondays
Lucky Dates – 5, 10, 19
Lucky Gemstone – Tanzanite


sonima-astro-cancerCancer (June 21 to July 22)

With Rahu in your sign and aspecting Jupiter, you will feel confident, dignified, philosophical, intelligent, and methodical in your career. Your intellectual talk and cordial manners will impress others. This current period of growth will continue and money matters will take top priority. New ventures and alliances will be alluring, but you should not make any hasty investments. Foreign travel or transactions may prove fruitful. Students should concentrate on their career and plan for the period ahead. Expecting mothers need to be careful about their health. A pilgrimage is in the cards for most of you at the end of the month. Visitors and guests will bring gifts, but will also lead to a rise in domestic expenses.

Lucky Days – Sundays
Lucky Dates – 4, 12, 16, 27
Lucky Gemstone – Shiva Lingam



Leo (July 23 to August 22)

As the Sun moves into friendly Scorpio, your systematic approach to life earns you enormous respect from others. If you concentrate on your efforts this month, rewards are likely to follow. Matters related to property, partnership, and new ventures will keep you busy. Expect to gain importance amongst your colleagues because of your improved skills and aptitude. Domestic matters will be pleasant and your spouse and children will fill your life with love and affection. Some anxiety might arise regarding the health of your spouse, but it is nothing serious. Renovation or construction activities are likely at the end of the month.

Lucky Days – Wednesdays
Lucky Dates – 11, 18, 30
Lucky Gemstone – Quartz



Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Due to the strong influence of Mercury this month, you will be highly active, energetic, outgoing, and helpful. It is likely that you will take part in social work or charity. You will enjoy a position of authority at your place of work and strive to improve your income. Travel may be undertaken and could bring enormous gains. New opportunities are likely. You and your beloved will have some exciting moments together this month. The two of you will share time, money, and resources, which will help develop a strong bond. Matters of health should not be ignored.

Lucky Days – Thursdays
Lucky Dates – 2, 12, 23, 29
Lucky Gemstone – Peridot


Libra (September 23 – October 22)

With Venus transiting your sign, you will feel ambitious this month. Do not sit idle; instead, work hard to achieve your dreams. The New Moon is in your sign and you can do wonders with upcoming opportunities. Your reputation may improve and you’ll make many good contacts in the period ahead. Businesspersons will see a slow-down at the beginning of month, but things will improve. Your beloved will be at their best. For those Libras who are uncommitted, the chances of finding someone who will appeal to your heart and mind will be very high. Long journeys will yield excellent returns. Your interest in spirituality will make you participate in religious functions and activities.

Lucky Days – Saturdays
Lucky Dates – 8, 17, 25
Lucky Gemstone – Kyanite


Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

With Saturn transiting through Sagittarius, you are likely to feel active, practical, enthusiastic, philosophical, and dignified. This month, you will have a very realistic view of your life and tackle problems and projects with immense responsibility. Your business will flourish and financial gains will lift your confidence. Property related matters that have been disturbing your mind will likely settle to your satisfaction. New romance may materialize for the unattached Sagittarius, but work is likely to suffer if you keep fantasizing about this special person. Make sure that your personal life does not interfere with your career objectives. Elders and children will demand a lot of your attention.

Lucky Days – Wednesdays
Lucky Dates – 1, 5, 13, 27
Lucky Gemstone – Calcite


Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)

With exalted Mars and Ketu transiting in Capricorn, you will be sharp, intelligent, sensible, original, and dashing this month. People will perceive you as warm and friendly. Although this marks the beginning of a very favorable period, avoid controversial issues that might cause arguments with loved ones. You will enjoy financial gains through the sale of a property, accrual of rent, dividends, or interests. Unexpected help from close relatives will bring about new business opportunities. This is also a good time to invest in expensive art and ornaments. Children will be supportive and deliver happy news later in the month. A pilgrimage or long journey will be highly likely for some of you.

Lucky Days – Saturdays
Lucky Dates – 5, 12, 20, 28
Lucky Gemstone – Amazonite


Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

Your personality will shine this month and you may find that you are attracted to worldly pleasures. You are interested in new skills and will stay ahead of your peer group. Cosmic energy will shine on you this month, bringing immense fame and fortune. Expect to gather new knowledge and make long-lasting contacts. Businessmen will expand their ventures into more profitable avenues. During this period, you could do very well in a real estate transaction, but expect some opposition from the people you live with. Meditation and yoga should be practiced for spiritual and physical gains. Exhilarating news from your children will bring happiness later in the month.

Lucky Days – Mondays
Lucky Dates – 8, 16, 25
Lucky Gemstone – Amethyst


Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

This November, you possess strong determination and conviction to fight against adverse conditions. The coming month is favorable for starting new ventures. Projects that have been slow to develop will gain momentum. Disputes will be resolved and bring a sense of relief to your mind. Romantic encounters with colleagues might develop—though it will be very short-lived. Your competitive nature will put you ahead of others and make you popular amongst your peers. Your friends will be helpful, but demanding.

Lucky Days – Fridays
Lucky Dates – 3, 9, 22
Lucky Gemstone – Amber


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