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A Heart-Opening Yoga Sequence to Conquer Fear

Cultivate bravery and open heartedness through these physical yoga postures, that will teach the body to venture calmly into the unknown.

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The world can be a scary place. Our own fears, insecurities, and worries often make us curl in and protect ourselves; we are trained to shy away from opening our hearts. Through our yoga practice we can shift away from habitual patterns that cause us to close up, and instead walk bravely toward opening our hearts. We can learn to lead with compassion, understanding, and softness rather than fear. As you move into this short practice, be kind to yourself, and allow the effects of the postures to work their way through every channel of the body.
Wide Squat with Cat-Cow2Q6B6422

Imagine you’re digging your feet into the sand as you find a wide squat. Turn your toes out slightly and angle your heels in. Ground through the fronts of your heels. Bring your palms to your thighs as you draw your heart forward as you inhale for a standing cow stretch and round as you exhale drawing your navel toward your spine contracting through your belly. Repeat for one minute.

Downward Facing Dog


Separate your hands shoulder-distance apart and your feet hip-distance apart as your ground into a Downward Facing Dog. Breathe in a sense of length through your spine and even send your breath toward the back of your heart and sides of  your waist as you ground your heels toward the earth. Breathe here for two minutes, resting if necessary.

Wild Thing


Lift your right leg in Downward Facing Dog and bend your knee opening your hip. If it’s in your practice, slowly release your foot all the way to the earth lifting your hips and opening your heart. Lift your drishti, or gaze, toward the sky. Take six to eight deep breaths.

Half Moon with Back Bend Variation


Bring your right hand toward the earth as you open your hip and lift your left leg. If possible, bend your lifted leg and catch the top of your foot. Breathe up underneath your collarbones and into your heart space. Stay for six to eight deep breaths.

Photos by Chloe Crespi 



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