Motherhood is so full: Full of love. Full of life. Full of responsibilities. Full of demands. Full of all the feels. To be a mindful mama it is necessary to create ways to keep your own cup full. This restorative practice does just that. Spacious, simple, and slow, it provides room to breathe and to listen to your heart. Carve out 10 minutes for you. Ten minutes where no one is asking you for anything, no responsibilities, requirements or demands. Do whatever it takes to keep the little ones at bay whilst you turn down the lights and love yourself up! You’ll be grateful you did.


This practice is accessible to everyone. If you don’t have a bolster, get creative. A pillow or a folded up blanket creates a perfect bolster. If you have blocks, for the first posture you can place them on their lowest height, one width-wise behind your heart and the other to support your head. Have a chair or a couch or a wall near by to elevate your feet.

Photos by Chloe Crespi ; Outfitted by Lolë Women