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A Partner Yoga Sequence for Love

Explore these heart-opening and strengthening postures with a partner or friend to experience the joy of a support in the yoga practice.

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Many of us come to the yoga practice because we want to love ourselves more, or we feel we’ll be able to confront some of our deepest challenges in a constructive and soothing way. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “yuk,” which means to unite or to integrate. It’s said that through the practice of yoga, we merge all the layers of our self—the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual; but what we’ve come to find is that yoga can unite us with the world around us as well. For some, this means practicing in a community of like-minded people; for others, this means tapping into the subtle body to connect with a higher universal consciousness. In the following sequence yoga is a pathway to unification between partners. The same tenets of a strong relationship hold true for a steady yoga practice: communication, presence, a willingness to be vulnerable, and love.

When you practice the following sequence, have fun and communicate! Partner yoga should never be competitive, but rather a practice in holding each other up, using one’s full self to open or support the other. This may bring laughs, and it may bring tears, but more than anything, it will bring a new sense of connection, and a creative way of using the body to communicate love with one another.

Photos by Hailey Wist
Sequence created in collaboration with Justin Ritchie



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