In this video tutorial, yoga master Sharath Jois demonstrates both Ūrdhva Padmāsana & Piṇḍāsana, including a variation if padmāsana is not yet possible for you. Ūrdhva Padmāsana means “upward lotus posture,” which requires performing the lotus posture while balancing on the shoulders. Piṇḍāsana means “embryo,” which is apropos considering that this posture emulates the positioning of the fetus in the womb. The benefits of these two postures include strengthening the anterior muscles along the spine and purifying the liver, spleen, and stomach as well as the anal and urinary channels. They are both practiced in conjunction with—and after—Sālamba Sarvaṅgāsana, Hālāsana and Karṇa Piḍāsana.