Meditation can be confusing, especially if you’re completely new to the practice or are coming back to it after some time off. In the most basic words, meditation is a way of calming down the activity of your mind, slowing the speed of your overwhelming thoughts and enhancing your overall awareness. Normally, your mind is constantly active and continuously coming up with one thought or another. You can’t leave your mind completely blank. But when you meditate, you calm down both your body and the processes of your mind.

Here’s an example of how that deceleration process works. Imagine you are turning on a faucet. Your thoughts are like the drops of water that come out of it. You can only see each drop clearly if the stream of water is slow and every drop has a gap between itself and the next. On the other hand, if you have the tap open full-throttle, there’s no way you can distinguish one drop from another. If you want to have clear, uncluttered thoughts, they need to be like drops, not like streams. Meditation helps with that process.

Through meditation, you can really start to slow down and find that gap between each thought, so that your awareness of your body, breath, and individual thoughts really grows. As that awareness becomes greater, your body becomes more relaxed, your breath becomes deeper, and so does the clarity of your mind. Eventually, your whole life becomes very clear.

With that end-goal in mind, this short “body point awareness” beginner’s meditation will help you start the process of calming down, gaining awareness, and soon, achieving overall more clarity.

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