When you’re moving from a waking to a sleeping state, there is a very short time in between when your mind is transitioning from conscious to unconscious. Normally, you can’t directly influence your subconscious when you’re awake, but at that moment, the subconscious mind is more present and accessible than it usually is. In this brief time, you can actually get a direct line to your subconscious mind, allowing it to absorb the thought seeds you plant without being judged by the conscious mind. Because of this, the moment before you fall asleep is a prime time to set intentions—whether they’re big, small, realistic, or outlandish.

In this meditation, I’ll guide you through the process of capitalizing on this unique moment and setting intentions that can help to change your life for the better. Before starting the meditation, it’s a good idea to think about what kind of intention you want to set. You can use this technique to enhance any aspect of your life, whether it’s material, physical, or emotional. It can even be about getting better sleep! The only requirement is that you define your intention very clearly in the present tense, then do the meditation and follow the steps described.

For the best possible results, the intention itself should be short and sweet—just a few words or a quick sentence. Something like, “I always sleep well” or “I make healthy choices.” Though you can set different intentions on different days, I’d recommend sticking with the same one for 28 days, since that’s the length of the natural human cycle—making habits, the menstrual cycle, and more. Once you’ve manifested one intention, you can move onto the next, making use of this powerful natural tool for literally making your dreams come true.

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