After sitting for long periods of time, the low back tenses up from lack of movement. This sequence will help relieve pain from the areas of the body that might need attention. Forward bending opens up the back body, and shoulder work helps even out the front and back of the body. Practice this sequence with attention, using the breath to create even more space for relief.

Breathe through the first postures, lowering yourself slowly to the ground. When you enter the lifted leg posture, you can bend both knees to stay even in the hips. Draw the belly in to open the back body and press through the bottom foot to engage the leg. Repeat on both sides.

In the first forward fold, feel free to bend the knees any amount to assure that the fold is in the hips, and not the chest. Repeat the entire sequence to both sides, ensuring that when the wrist is flipped in the final posture, the heels of the hands are in one line.

In the first lunge, extend through the back heel as the arm presses into the knee to lengthen through the spine. In Extended Side Angle press the shoulder into the knee. Repeat on both sides.

In Pigeon Pose, sit on a pillow or blanket if necessary; be sure that the shoulders are over the hips, as you want to be open before you close. In the final twist make sure both sitting bones are on the floor, and be sure that the grounded foot is pressing into the ground. Repeat on both sides.