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Sharath Jois Visits NYC: The Last Leg of His U.S. Tour!

Paramaguru Sharath Jois completed his 2017 three-city tour in NYC, from May 26 to 31. See his final moments teaching Ashtanga in America here!

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And just like that, Sharath Jois’ annual tour of the U.S. is over. It always goes by too quickly, leaving us wanting more and already dreaming of next year when he will return from Mysore, India to teach us again. Still so much to learn!

Before we start looking ahead, it’s good to consider what we’ve accomplished in one short month. This May—starting in Stanford, continuing to UCLA, and ending in NYC—practitioners from all walks of life met up to practice Ashtanga yoga straight from the source. Nearly 2,000 people joined the three- to six-day workshops and drop-in classes at all three locations.

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Thank you all who came out this year! Each and every one of you contributed such amazing energy and enthusiasm that we’re still riding the high from a truly remarkable experience. Let’s keep this feel-good momentum going with a strong daily practice. If you ever need a reminder, take a look at these three albums of the tour—see photos for Stanford, UCLA, and NYC—which showcase some of my favorite moments. Be sure to tag yourself and share with family and friends on Facebook, too. Maybe we can recruit some new faces or inspire some long-time practitioners who missed out this year to join us in 2018. I’m already looking forward to it!

Many blessings,

Photos by Agathe Padovani and Tom Rosenthal



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