This is the fourth installment in a series of guided meditation videos designed to help you improve your focus and awareness, and become more present with the breath in your daily life. This particular breath meditation is meant for people who already have an existing, and consistent practice. If you’re new to meditation, please start with this video, A Breath Meditation for Beginners, to learn the basics that will set you up to be present and calm. Then you can move on to this Breath Meditation for Intermediate Practitioners, to practice a technique for meditation in which the eyes stay open. Finally, spend some time with the Breath Meditation for Experienced Practitioners, to work on a technique called present knowing. In this follow-up session led by Lodro Rinzler, a Shambhala Buddhist meditation teacher and chief spiritual officer of MNDFL, a drop-in meditation studio in New York City, you will be asked to sit tall and gaze steadily with the eyes open. In this particular practice the goal is to balance mindfulness with present knowing, or awareness of the present moment. That said, there is very little spoken guidance in this meditation. Rather, you are encouraged to use your breath as a metronome, and let that guide you as you come closer and closer to the present moment.

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Photo by Hailey Wist of Sharmila Desai